Monday, April 02, 2007

Monday Malaise 2

This was a good weekend for Liverpool fans world over.............

Moving on, this story hasm shown that there is a silver lining when things look hopeless. The
law is supposed to treat everyone equally irregardless of race and class but sadly in the States that isn't always the case, so it was good to see that girl's excessive sentence over-turned. Let's hope they clean up the Texas penal system, and while they're at it; why don't the pass by Kenya and build us some new prisons?

I have waited and I have ngojad and finally it's hear! The new season of The Shield begines Tuesday! Woo hoo! Let's see how Vic will try and find out who killed Lem aka Curtis Lemansky (we all know!) while keeping Kavanaugh off his back! This should make for great TV.
Anyway I have had a long weekend, I spent the last 3 days helping a friend move; that is always my idea of hell.
So let me curl up into a bundle of strained muscles and sleep, be good while I'm gone!


egm said...

That's a messed up penal system! Ati the girl got 7 years for pushing a teacher yet the white girl only got probation for arson? Good thing that new conservator did what he did.

archer said...

congrats to Liverpool for thrashing Arsenal. Seems the gooners are everyone's whipping boys of late. That's the way i should be. Sad story about the young girl, but surely, seven years for SHOVING someone? tHat's ridiculous!

Whispering Inn said...

Damn you Crouch, damn you! You're good!

In the case of Cotton, while 7 years was a little excessive, it is precisely her kind of bad behavior that condemns black schools to poor performance and lack of preparation for college, and life, for the students.

No good teacher in his or her right mind ever wants to teach in these schools because of such extremely bad behavior.

Assaults on teachers and other students, guns, drugs, lack of hard work by the students and just general bad behavior are the order of the day in these schools. And that's why officials are having to resort to these kind of harsh penalties to try and control these little morons.

In the case of the white girl, we don't have overwhelming cases of menacing little white girls committing arson all over the place. So the sentence would be understandable.

Bomseh said...

This Cotton case is interesting. Just shoving? I know of some teachers in Kenya that have been assaulted severely and all the students got was expulsion. Different strokes for different worlds eh?

Acolyte said...

@ egm
The law isnt always equal out here sadly, your class and color play a big role.
@ archer
And to think they went a whole season unbeaten!
@ whispering inn
You seem to be a major proponent of harsh penalties and long sentences at the expense of rehabilitation. If you have been in the States long enuff you would know that long sentences only create hard core criminals nothing more.
There was an option of probation and counselling for this kid that were not given because she was black and had to be made an example of, rest assured if she was white this would have never happened.
The key to stopping potential criminals is dealing with their issues when they are young and not locking them up because they will only come out even more hardened than if they were free.
Think rehabilitation then punishment when it comes to youth crime.
Plus just because white girls arent burning houses en masse doesnt mean that they should get away with just a slap on the wrist, arson is arson! Whether you are black or white!
@ bomseh
People out here dont play around I tell you!

Farmgal said...

Seven year...wah! Thats just messed up. It stinks of racism no doubt!

mwangi said...

Man, that is some messed up stuff ...
And I so feel you on helping peeps move, specially when they got big a** sofas that require formulas to squeeze through the door ...

beautyinbaltimore said...

If you like the sheild you should def watch the wire.

Acolyte said...

@ farmgal
Yes there was some racism in that mix.
@ mwangi
Moving never ever is fun.
@ binbmore
I will try and get around to doing so, thanks!

Spidey/Tato said...

my only complaint GADDAMN shield is a post on its own

its been a year...and i am right here waiting for it

wah kavanaugh and lem's death this will be some killer season i foretell i just hope its many episodes


ebu post again on it dare u!

mocha! said...

I would have congratulated you on the day.....lakini bila mapeni.

Goooooooo! Man U!


As for the Shield...I havent forgotten. Mapeni case tena!

aegeus said...

Maze Sheild - gritty - street - deadly! Man U JUU! Arse n all wacha tu.