Thursday, April 05, 2007

No-one Ever Told Me

"No-one ever told me!"

This is one phrase that makes my blood boil at times. There are things that in my world I have thought are ordinary knowledge only to find that some people are blissfully ignorant?
Here is an example, I had a friend who told me that they never watch video on youtube because the videos never flow smoothly but always stop, I asked them if they ever waited for the video to finish buffering before pressing the play button; all I got was a blank look.
There was this other pal I used to hang out with. We once had a bash and I left some beer in her fridge, this girl doesnt drink beer so I knew my beer was in safe hands. So one afternoon I go over to her house to pick up the beers and I find one missing, so I asked her what happened. She told me that she was feeling thirsty, drank half a beer and then poured the rest down the sink. Now if you know Kenyan men, you know that you don't mess with our beer! So I asked her why she was drinking beer when she was thirsty and told her beer is a diuretic and will actually do more harm than good. She looked at me like she had learned the earth was round, when I told her that the dehydrating nature of alcohol was on of the reasons for hangovers, I got the wonderful statement....."No-one ever told me!"
I am sorry, how can you be drinking for 4 years of uni and one of grad school and not bother to find out what alcohol does to your body?!
Last but not least was this chic who thought that I had made up the existance of pubic lice aka crabs. And no I was not sleeping with her!
Maybe it's me who just expects too much from people in terms of everday knowledge, I think people reserve the right to be clueless and I shouldn't let it bother me!

Is it me or does Jon B look like Artur Magaryan? Look at the picture of him on the Thursday Standard and look at this pic, take some hair off Jon B and they look like they were separated at birth I tell you! Sorry Movie Buff but I had to say it!

Late Edit! I found a pic of him!

Have an Armenian free weekend people!


egm said...

Haha, Aco, you are asking for it from MB I can see!

There's plenty that's common knowledge that a surprising number of people are not aware of.

Happy Easter!

Majonzi said...

what? second?

No-one ever told me! Ah, you and me both! I really cannot stand that sort of ignorance. Some have called it a short-coming of my character, but I see it as a way to force people to educate themselves. For crying out loud, we are in the age of google and wiki where everything is a click away... so snap on it!

Enjoy the weekend :) And he does look like John B!!

Acolyte said...

Yes I am hiding in the bomb shelter till she shows!
That is sad but true, knowledge isnt as widespread as we think it is.
@ majonzi
I pray for God to give me the patience to deal with such people as that is my shortcoming to be honest.
But people do need to step up!

mama shady said...

ignorance is a annoying,yet funny thing!i find the one for buffering excusable though...ha!about jon b!makes you wonder if you have a lookalike roaming around somewhere out there...

Dorothy said...

ignorance might be bliss but it is no damn defence. Wajinga waliuwawa...

Acolyte you are damn hilarious and Jon B.....what did the poor man do to be done in like so?

Archer said...

Sometimes you can't help but be blissfully unaware of some things. It's not your fault. Take the YouTube thing for instance, no one ever told me! No wonder I steer clear of YouTube clips on blogs.

About Jon B, can't wait for Movie Buff to attack you. Popcorn is in the pan! So now if he looks like Margaryan, does that explain why Kenyan mamas were flocking over to him during his numerous parties in Runda? Or was that coz of the money?

gishungwa said...

Most people i deal with on a day to day basis have "no one ever told me" attitude and funny i have learnt to be patient though there are times i wish i could beat the ignorance out of them. my policy if you don't know ask

aegeus said...

The nerve! I wonder whether it is laziness, a lack of concern, a by product of the 8-4-4 system, a character trait, or whatever, shape up!

I am not touching that Jon B one. Ms Buff -ACO: OPEN SEASON!

vedec said...

You'd be surprised to know how the seemingly obvious things raise eyebrows when mentioned. It is a cliché but it's true that common knowlwdge is not that common, so don't be too surprised next time you encounter such staggering ignorance.
I swear...that is Artur! Afew photoshop modifications, but him alright!

Bomseh said...

On the pubic lice, I also realise that no one ever told me. How else would I know and I hang around clean people?

You actually expects too much from people in terms of everday knowledge. Some people have the right to be clueless about some things.For instance, I have the right to be clueless about lice.

@Aegeus, tread carefully.

Udi said...

LMAO- A chile mwagad pint. She must be joking. She tries that at my place and out she goes. With a kick in the behind.

Movie Buff said...

May you die in your sleep

That is all

Atis said...


Acolyte said...

@ mama shady
Well I do think we all have look alikes somewhere around! Shame about who Jon B's is though! Lol!
@ dorothy
I have nothing againt the dude, but the truth had to come out!
@ archer
Well call me anal but I try to find out all info that I can so I dont make a fool of myself!
I know Movie Buff has me within her cross hairs! I guess Artur was blessed with both looks and cash! Lol!
@ gishungwa
Well most ppl think they can live life blissfully without knowing many things so I guess you cant do too much about them.
@ aegeus
I think it is an ambition of all the 3!
I am quaking in fear I tell you!
@ vedec
Yes common sense isnt very common, I tell you. Separated at birth I tell you!
@ bomseh
Eish, now that excuse is a joke! Just because you dont get sick is no excuse for knowing about disease.
Ignorance is indeed a right!
@ udi
I was in a forgiving mood that day, any other day it would have been something else!
@ movie buff
I am sleeping with one eye open I tell you!
@ atis

Girl next door said...

How could that chic pour beer down the sink?
Knowledge must be pursued and seized, it's rarely handed on a silver platter.

Majonzi said...

on late edit-- >don't they look adorable? tsk tsk

Klara said...

No one ever told I will this post was gonna make me LOL!
That late Edit is LOL

Sue said...

Hehehe.. I would say, Common Sence aint common to all. What annoys me is when someone sits on the Kange's seat kwa mat while he back of the mat kumejaa empty seats. Now they block everyone from entering the mat and they sumbua themselves too.. Ni hawajui ama ni nini.
Uyo mwenye alimwaga iyo pombe anafaa atandikwe. Kwani alizaliwa wapi??
Ati she doesn't know pombe is the one that gives her a hangie the next day? Kwani she's 12czabiehn