Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Movements, Mates, Meandering Minds and Mangled Missals

In typical African fashion there are still many people who believe that a woman's shining glory should be to whelp out a bunch of brats. But it is good to know that as shown in this article, there are some women who have chosen to go against the grain. Now if you know you are part of the Childfree Movement, do give me a call and we can go out there and build our empire as we enjoy life!

I was talking to my big sister yesterday. She was telling me about how she feels it is important to have someone with you to be your team mate in the game of life, to weather the storms, to rise to the challenges and all that clap trap! Why do I call it clap trap? I agree that it is good to have a mate, but it isn't everything and life isn't unlivable without someone by your side. I think that is because for a long part of my life I was the one who had to be the "man of the house" and over time I got used to doing things by myself or with the help of a few reliable friends (my generals lol). So I got used to bearing alot of the brunts of failure and the joys of success on my own. But that life isn't for everyone, so I can't always knock those who need someone by their side. In spite of this, I think more women should realize that you don't need a special person to go through life, what happens if he never comes? Set up the appropriate support systems in your life, keep on living and forget all that soul mate crap is my piece of advice to all out there!

This week I have been doing some training classes and it is excruciating to say the least! For the last 3 days, I have had to sit in a small class of 12 and be taught for 8 hours with intermittent breaks. The trainer is pretty interesting but not captivating, and unlike high school; there is no-one for me to use for cover so I can sleep (this is a post for some other time). I can't wait till we start computer work because these classes bore me to tears (literally!), I yawned so much that the last time I yawned, so many tears rolled down my cheeks making it look like I had really been moved by the material we were covering in that session. God give me strength to survive the next 2 weeks!

I got this clip from C&D, this dude killed this song! Full marks for trying though!

Prince Phillip Quote of the Day

After accepting a gift off a Kenyan civilian he replied "You are a woman aren't you?"


Archer said...

Burp! Hic! Fasht!

Acolyte said...

@ archer
Congrats! Read and comment..........

Hoseah said...

That dude seems to be going in an dout of consciousness. at least he knows the first line of the song.
Why do people insist on torturing others?

Taurus said...

Haki aco! u r a trip the video is mad funny.......

Is adoption an option?

Girl next door said...

I just posted a link to the same article on my blog. I'm a member of that movement.

All the best with your training--8hrs is a long time to listen to somebody talk.

Half 'n' half said...

I think its realy realy sad to go through life alone! But women should not sit waiting for the special someone to come along, as you rightly say, he may never. Akija Hurray if he doesnt............too bad life goes on.

8 Hrs? shivers

Agiasi said...

Archer, some coffee? HEhehehe!

So out there there are some mamas who are not looking to have my babies! Deadly! Just read the article and wow! So yuko na nitampata...

All the best with your **yawn** classes, bore you to tears eigh? Heheheh Usijali - Caanan inakamu. :-)

That dude trashed that song, kwanza live in a church with ears are still ringing!

Bomseh said...

I'll avoid such mamaas now that my family is on my case. But I ain't rushing neither.

That clip is torturous. I almost dozed off.

Archer said...

Ok now to comment while sober. I think it's better for a person, upon realizing the fact that rearing children is a calling and a full time responsibility, to decide not to have any, rather than to have them and mistreat them or abandon them.

Wish this connection was fast enough for me to see the YouTube clip

mocha! said...

Clip not working!!!

Movie Buff said...

I saw that clip on C&D and I died.

Let me read now and I will be back!

3N said...

The clip has been removed

Aco, I agree with your advise to women...get a support system or be independent enough just incase your soul mate doesn't show up in your lifetime.

mwariwadavid said...

Whereas I do not advocate that people rush into marriage, I am all in favour of it, maybe coz so far mine has worked.
I find that alot of people who take a stand like yours, later on in life change their mind and in a sort of desperate move, grab the next available person as a mate, which, for most cases results in a tumultous relationship.
I however admire people who are able to find love in a partner in the later years.

Acolyte said...

@ hoseah
I guess he had really been moved by the Spirit.
@ taurus
Naaaaaaaaah but I could mentor a kid though.
Good to know there is a sister in the movement!
Well when we start comp work it gets better.
@ half n half
I dont think we were all meant to have mates but we are all entitled to our own beliefs.
@ agiasi (sic?)
Yes not every mama wants to make a little one with you!
That dude was a class act I tell you!
@ bomseh
If any come by your way, send them to me ASAP!
That dude needs to go for American Idol!
@ archer
It is a good thing that you realise the gravity of that decision.
Pole bout the slow net connection.
@ mocha!
Sorry, seems you've missed the fun!
@ movie buff
That clip was so good that I had to share it!
@ 3N
Sorry bout that. Too bad not too many women think like that.
@ mwari
Well you see that happens mostly for people who haven't thought out their decision. I have thought this over for almost 10 years, plus I know that I am hard to live with due to my eccentricities, but even so I dont completely rule out marriage; it is the kids part that I have ruled out kabisa!
It is possible to find love in the wonder years though.