Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Shield, Sad Secrets and Sex

Please caption this picture. I wanted to, but someone might chop my head off.....

Today was a great TV watching day for me. House, Work out and then last but not least; The Shield! I would turn down sex for The Shield anyday! That show makes my Tuesday, but Dr House and his acerbic bed side manner makes my day too! I am going to get hold of the past seasons. Dr House is my character idol I tell you!

Anyway I was trawling the net as usual when I came across this sad article. I can only imagine the pain the men in these stories feel on finding out that the children they have loved and supported for all those years are not theirs and even worse that they can't bring them to America to join them. I have decided that if I ever marry in this country, I am going to get married in Florida, this is because it is one of the states that protects men in case of paternity fraud. In most other cases, if you don't find out within the first 3 months, you're stuck providing for the next 18 years as the real father goes scott free after banging your wife/ girlfriend on the side.

As I close, I know some of you may not agree with this but I think that the best sex is no strings attached sex. Some relationship/ marriage counsellors say otherwise but I disagree, once feelings get in the mix; things just aren't as fun. But anyway I guess I'm just a selfish bastard, I'll save the feelings of the women of the world and stay on the B-train.


Prousette said...


Prousette said...

That photo makes me angry, I will not caption it.

Haiya, it is true only a mother knows the real father of her child. But fatherhood is not about passing on the seed as men have been famous for doing throughout time, I think Mr. Owusu has proven himself to be a father to these children whether they are biologically his or not. Tho immigration department would be thinking otherwise am sure.

Me I do not want no strings attached sex not now not ever. It is setting the self for deception.

Acolyte said...

@ Prou
Congrats! Yes only a mother can know the father of her child and unless it is a case of rape during war time, I think she should let her husband know.
Well I am not surprised with that answer, after all you are married aren't you?

Klara said...

I feel so sad for wakina Owusu..I cant think of what I would do If I was in their shoes!!
Makes me think: What if all da Fathers were to take a mandatory Paternity test!Juzz to confirm! Gosh! I dont wanna imagine the results: Mass divorces, Killings, etc.
Anyway; I guess it's true only mathors know the real fathers of their kids!

Anonymous said...

This is what my wife said when she saw it. " IT PROVES THAT WOMEN ARE STRONGER THAN MEN"

Jo said...

Enyewe DNA testing has proven to be a doubled-edged sword...
on a lighter note...Larry Birkead is laughing his way to $500mil. after been found to be the biological father of Anna Nicole's baby.Talk about easy money...

mocha said...

My caption: Thought bubble near the chic Ngomongo hii? And then he expects me to unleash jioni? Kitanitambua.

No strings attached sex is better....hapo, I have to agree with you to a point. For how long will you keep it up?

As for being on the B-train....kudos for the extended company LMAO!

Movie Buff said...

I tell people that House is the best show on TV but they dont believe me.......

Hugh Laurie can have me for breakfast, lunch and supper... and maybe a light afternoon snack. He is super delish!

As for that paternity thing, I read Men's Health [dont ask me why I read it but whatever] and they were saying that counsellors are not helping since they are female and they dont inform the men that the kid is not theres... [they let emotions dictate how they do their job]... Its a shame really.

Maury Povich...... DO YOUR WORK!

3N said...

Aco, first things first: I advise you never to repeat this statement again “I would turn down sex for The Shield anyday!” – otherwise we will have to organize an intervention.

On the raising someone else’s kid, I have always insisted I plan to secretly compare my toi’s DNA with mine.

Chilez might say that shows a lack of trust and yes it does, but I would rather be safer than sorry 18 years later.

Archer said...

Caption: "I will never nyima you strokes again. I will never nyima you strokes again! I will never..."

I'm all for no stings attached sex. SBJ (Sex Bila Jokes) is the way forward!

acolyte said...

@ klara
Yes around 1/4 of kids are not being raised by their real dads according to stats.
@ anon
She may be strong but is she smart, if she's letting him do nada?
@ jo
Yes that dude is yukking it up I tell you!
@ mocha
Lmao at your caption, I do agree that sadly you can't keep up no strings forever; something has to give.
@ movie buff
I love Dr House's attitude! Yes I have heard of those stories before, that is why you need to go to a place that does tests mwisho aka Maury's doc!
@ 3N
Intellectual stimulation always comes first for me I tell you!
I think I will do the same on the slide.
@ archer
Lol your captions! SBJ? Now that is a good one.

aegeus said...

I will steer clear of that photo. As for Dr House - if only i could behave like him and get away with it! Wouldn't life be super?

Kayliz said...

SBJ? I love that - thanks Archer. Seriously though, its things like these that make me remind myself - at night - to never ati 'fall' in love.

Kelitu said...

Aco, i see you's back in the B-Train. Karibu!!
Well, you can have a window seat. I prefer the isle seat, just incase the train comes to a slow creep and i have to make a quick pit-stop. Lakini nushikie seat yangu jo, i'll be back when the train picks-up more speed.

Udi said...

I always say a lot of women are players. But me I learnt a long time ago that DNA test ni lazima if u doubt. There is a John Grisham book where he did a test on his daughter without his wife knowing it. And thats when he planned how to steal a couple million dollars since he had nothing else to stay in town for

as for the pic- "Beba kuni juu jana ulifanya nitumie sabuni "

Majonzi said...

around 1/4 of dads are raising kids who are not their own-- this is some wicked joke. It means too, while you are raising someone else's child, another is raising yours. How is bringing up a child for 18rs, even if not yours, a waste?

On a lighter note, I watched WorkOut for the first time jana just coz my buddy sms'd to tell me she thought one of the jamaas was cute. House is always entertaining :)

On sex,love makes recipe for good sex.

coldtusker said...

I am moving to Albania...

Say what you want but the guys have it made... and I thought Kenyan Men were lazy (excluding me...)

Ati... 3 months & the kid is yours?
What happens if kiddo is, um, different rangi???

If you ask your wife for a paternity test... if she is NOT faithful... kuna shida...

And if she was faithful... then even more shida!

Acolyte said...

@ aegeus
We are all entitled to wishes arent we?
@ kayliz
Well usijali you will get someone who feels the same way that you do.
@ kelitu
Tuko pamoja! I will save a seat for you!
@ udi
Tests have to be done in some cases.
Your caption is just harsh!
@ majonzi
This is not a joke, go look at the statistics. Women are not angels too you know. Plus just because the wife screwed around doesnt mean that the man did like in the case of the NYtimes story where the dude had 4 kids but only one was his. In my pov all those 18 years were based on a complete and utter lie, I would kick the wife to the curb so fast her head would spin!
Yes House does rock!
@ coldtusker
There are some men who are far worse than we are! Well if you are wise and the kid is pointie Return To Sender chap chap! I think some of those tests can be done without the mums DNA and anyway you can always snip off some of her hair for DNA when she is asleep. Lazima tujue!

sassy said...

Aco,supposing youre not your fathers' son- what then?

Acolyte said...

@ sassy
Sadly Im the spitting image of my dad so that isnt the case but if I wasn't. I'd be all over my mum for not telling me and if my real dad knew about it and never told me I'd be all in his face too, on the bright side I would have 2 daddys!

Sue said...

I'd raher we don't have babies at all.. And if we do no DNA's I'd rather he stays without knowing whether tha baby is his, though of course I will be faithful.
Nothing for that caption
@ Archer LOL. But I guess your idea of SBJ may work with my husband i.e when and if I am married.
:.Just Sue.:

Kirima said...

Still depressed by the Stats! That even when the mama has tricked you into marriage by getting knocked up ati there is a 25% chance that the bun in the oven isn't yours is just too bad.
Paternity testing is cynical but the reality in the world today is you can only trust yourself.

Lola Gets said...

Shooo, "The Shield" is a good show! I dont have cable, so I only see it on Saturday and Sunday nights, laate. But I still watch it!

Bomseh said...

Caption: KMT (Kanyaga Mguu Twende) Woman.

I won't comment on the infidelity but one question, So who are the biggest liars, (wo)men?

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