Monday, April 09, 2007

Chemical Warfare

No this post is not about biological weapons but about people who use underhanded weapons that are just as bad. I know of some men who would put Chemical Ali to shame in their use of chemical warfare when it comes to dating. These are the men who will use their limited social skills to get a girl to go to a bar/ club or meet one there but most of the time do not have the game or the patience to consumate the deal so will result to biological weapons. What do I mean? Well these are the men who will go ahead to ply the girl with as much alcohol as possible to lower her resistance and when she is helpless, take her home and impose their will on her. I have another word for chemical warfare, it is called rape. If you cant get a woman to give it up to you when she is sober and you have to resort to alcohol, that is no different from giving her a roofie or clubbing her on the head and dragging her to your house. But as it goes with human beings, there are always those who develop a resistance to the drugs being used, I know some dudes who were known for being chemical warriors who took one of my friends out drinking only for her to out drink them leaving them to go home at the break of dawn drunk and alone. For all you ladies out there, if you are going out clubbing please take one of those irritating "mother hen" characters with you; this is the one time they actually come in handy!

Before I leave, did anyone here ever notice that in High School a large number of people always became "saved" or "born again" mostly around exam time? Have a nice Monday and say no to Chemical Warfare!


egm said...

Haha, those dudes that went out with your friend must have been in shock. Lakini that's sad, that they have to resort to giving alcohol to their intended victims to get their screw on.

As for the exam time Christians, reminds of the saying, "There are no atheists in foxholes"

Dorothy said...

Trying to get some from a gal you have overfed alcohol is just plain naff!!

As for Exams and Christianity, in High School just before KCSE all the fourth formers got saved and Christ was quickly done away with as soon as they did their last paper.

Someone say Praise God with me....

Acolyte said...

@ egm
I know several women with whom I can barely keep up with when it comes to drinking, don't mess!
But it is sad that some dudes have to resort to such underhanded tactics!
@ dorothy
There are some sleazeballs out there I tell you!
I too remember that, salvation before examination!

3N said...

I know of a friend who got saved just before KCPE, backslid during the hols, then got saved again just before KCSE and then backslid later on. I guess it’s just panicking and resulting temporarily to God.

As for those planning to use chemical warfare, it’s just sad. If the chile won’t patia you when she is sober, itikia and move on.

>d® said...

Good thing you mentioned this coz it really does happen. Sometime back some sleaze took advantage of this one chick at some house party, right after the bash ended and everyone was all passed out, right there in the middle of the living-room floor! Ain't that some shit?!

Anonymous said...

Aco... what of the idiot gal who allows it to happen?

Si, u know ur limits?

PS: I am not talking date rape drugs (despicable!) but plain alcohol?

In any case, drunk woman is no fun! Atalala before you know what happened!

Lakini tipsy - but in her senses - can lead to some uninhibited stuff, LOL

The truth said...

lol acolyte yani my post leo is about relationships thinking of reviving 'Reformed player' happy belated easter to everyone

Movie Buff said...

There was a time I was the proverbial "mother hen" that you speak Damn! How times have changed.........

acolyte said...

@ Anon
Well sadly not everyone sees it the same as you for them as long as the chic is breathing, that is good enough for them, no consent needed!
Plus there are some dudes who know how to talk a gal into goin over her limits.
@ the truth
a good post, shame about no comments allowed on it.
@ movie buff
Seems you decided to let the gals handle themselves?

kelitu said...

LOL! @ movie buff being the once proverbial mother hen.I just give a cold stare and that keeps them off me, as for my pals, we is all over 18 so you defend yourself, lakini an SOS my way, and i wil be there faster than superman takes to get into that phone booth for a change into his tights!
Back to Aco, i saw that play(of giving a chile alki to weaken her) this weekend. Manze this dude okotad a chic just before the club closed, we ended up in the same after party and she was T.O.R.E up coz he kept buying her alki. It was a mess, yaani makes you wanna go get her some spring water and take her outside for some fresh air coz you know how it's gonna end...

Majonzi said...

I knew this chic who was taken vantage of by a bunch of boys. What's worse is she was 16 :( bloody bastards, now if only she could tell me who they were!!! Men without class are plain disgusting.

Acolyte said...

@ Kelitu
You should give some clueless mamas out there those same classes. That dude was bila shame, I hope someone saved her before a black out went down!
@ majonzi
I think the shame she feels will make her hide their identities from you. Yes sad that there are such men out there...

Archer said...

LOL @ the term Chemical Warfare. It's one of the oldest and most shameless "tricks" in the book. I just didn't know it had a specific name.

It is such characters who probably have very low self esteem, and are not confident about their ability to get laid using more conventional methods, that re-enforce the belief in ladies' minds that there's no way that a dude can buy a chic drinks casually and with no strings attached. "May I buy you a drink?" somehow loosely translates into "are you taking your panties off later or shall I do that for you?" Kila kitu...razima shuma irare dani. (si umekura thabutha, tena ya firifiri?)

But I do blame the victims to some extent. Don't you have alcohol limits that you've set for yourself? When the guy is busy stuffing you with alcohol, what do you think his plan will be once you get wasted? Don't you suspect that he's got some sinister agendas? Haven't you ever heard of such incidents happening to other chics? For me I do blame the victims to some extent.

About getting saved in high school as KCSE approaches, guess who was at the front of the queue at the school chapel when salvation was being dished out!

Girl next door said...

Using alcohol or any drug to take advantage of a person is criminal. Having buddies to look out for you when you're out is the best thing.

Getting saved offers reassurance when times are stressful!

I wouldn't blame victims for being attacked when they're defenseless. They may have poor judgement--but when you're out having fun it's easy to let your guard down. Especially if the man is already an acquintance. It's also hard to turn down 'free' drinks. Nonetheless we have to learn from other people's experience.

mama shady said...

moral of the story...dont be stupit!(stupid)!chics need to get wiser, and guys who resort to such...should be handwad!

aegeus said...

If she wont give it up sober then forget it. Loooool at the mama who outdrunk the fellas. Hehehehe! The thing about getting 'saved' before exams and taking to their nefarious ways was all too common in college too!

Nakeel said...

Could they enjoy it at any point with someone who is unconscious and dreaming drowing.

The getting saved before exams was calling on Jesus to guide one not to carry Mwakenya.

Acolyte said...

@ archer
Women need beware of the evil men out there.
Did the salvation help?
Hence the use of the mother hen! Free things arent always free...
@ mama shady
I do agree such dudes need to be dealt with harshly!
@ aegues
That mama is harsh! I can hardly keep up with her myself! Salvation before examination at all levels huh?

Acolyte said...

@ nakeel
The dudes who do this dont care how the chic feels at all, it is all about them!

Farmgal said...

Too much info coming up....kitambo sana, I was dating this guy. He had a B'day bash onetime and there's this chick who'd come to the party. She got soooo drunk..the next thing I knew. my then boyfriend was on top of her in the front seat of his car. And I mean naked! Needless to say we broke up..I was young then, sigh!

mimi tu said...

thats my phrase...chemical warfare is my phrase... im sulking!!!

Lola Gets said...

My sister got raped after hanging out with guys she knew, and trying to "outdrink" them. When I talk to young girls (teens/college age), I try to tell them to watch out...hopefully some will listen.

Myself, I dont drink. If I do decide to "be bad" I know I made that decision in "my right mind" lol.

Acolyte said...

@ farmgal
At least you found out before wedding bells rang!
@ mimi tu
Lol I used it too way back! The phrase not the art!
@ lola
That is rather sad to say the least, I do hope them young uns are listening to you at least.

KIPUSA said...

Yeah i kumbuka that in high school and then making matters worse once done with school the so-called Cu leaders became more worse than those who were gentiles in high school.