Tuesday, June 05, 2007

When Fuzz Izn't Hot

When I was in Campus there was this chic I used to know who was really cute, had a great figure and a nice personality to cap things off. Well there was one thing that used to put me off....her fuzz! You see this chic had a light but noticeable fuzz covering her. Not Chewbacca kind of fuzz but the kind that becomes very visible when you come very close to her.

It didn't help that she was light skinned so the hairs were very visible when you got close and there is nothing as disheartening as a good pair of C cups covered by a layer of fuzz, I used to shudder at the thought of wanting to give them some oral attention only to end up with a hairball in my stomach. The thought of me kissing her with my eyes closed would bring up some horrific gay images due to the light layer of fuzz on her upper lip. But on the other hand I always did have thoughts of waking up in post coital bliss warmly snuggled in her fuzz without blankets, and on rainy days sitting with her on the couch combing her fuzz with her favourite brush.

I thought I was the only one who had examined her fuzz and thought she would be far stunning without it until I conferred with my boys and we decided that what we should do (which we never got to doing), would be to put a sleeping pill in her drink and carry her to a farm so the following could be done:

Anyway on a serious note, let it be known that I support fuzzy chics' rights to live free without the fear of being sheared like a sheep in New Zealand come knitting season.

I just realised something else today. I have become that employee who hates his job but comes to work everyday, putting in just enough so as not to be seen as lazy and staying under the radar so that they can get a steady pay check as they search for a better job.

Have a productive and fuzzy day!


egm said...

Jamaa, get that new job pronto! On second thoughts, just stay there. Seems to be the perfect environment for getting you to post crazy but hilarious stuff!

Anonymous said...

i second that motion @ egm. Aco maybe your crappy job is your inspiration.

by the way was anyone able to watch the new pirate's flick. i think its the best one yet.

Half 'n' half said...

Yes! agree with EGM, keep the crappy job like every other person on earth!

Klara said...

I feel u on job! Been feeling the same lately but what can One do..
Vumilia Tu!

Anonymous said...

that issue of fuzz was tight.it was on radio in the morning the things that guys and mama's described was funny mpaka i was laughing in the mat going to jobo.one guy even said that he saw a mama with a beard that could rival Any'ang Nyongo's beard. but kuna ma freak who said hairy women pare pare is god but i wonder isn't that kidogo gayish.

Archer said...

I agree with the general consensus. Aco wee faanya kaazi, kwa sabaabu, hiyo ndio kitu ya maana. Sasa ukiacha hii kaazi na upate ingine, hii kaazi ya kuchekesha sisi utamuachia naani?

Eh...so you had thoughts of being ensconced in post coital bliss with Ms Fuzz? In that case, what's the difference between her mwili and that of a dude? :-)

Acolyte said...

@ egm
I would rather peace of mind and boring posts than stress and fun posts.
@ anon
I will tap into inspiration elsewhere soonest! As for now I havent seen the new Pirates flick, that is for the weekend.
@ half n half
I need to be freed from this jobo!
@ klara
Sadly we need the money above all else!
@ anon
I also think there is something fishy about mamis with too much hair, so I stay away!
@ archer
Wanablogu wakuchekesha ni wengi sana kati ya mtandao.
Seems you kinda missed what I was saying, I was joking about being ensconced in teh fuzz, the only way she would have gotten some is if she was sheared clean!

Majonzi said...

lol!! on the fuzz! maze u guy I have tumhairs on my chin :(... lakini its like 2 strands! ROTLMAO!

once when in tao I swear I saw this chic with a beard, and chest hair and she was bila worries I was mom kwanza!

egm said...

Aco, I totally agree with you there! Peace of mind any day.

Archer said...

@Aco: My bad!

@Majonzi: hmm...so you're a fuzzy one?

phassie said...

I just come to work to get paid, and yes I do just enough to attract the least attention. Right now I am looking for another position within the company.

phassie said...

I don't love too much hair either.

3N said...

i also need to move on from my jobo - higher pay needed for proper pimping - lakini I am holding the fort down and working hard currentlye

Prousette said...

Fuzz all over the body gives me dhidhi (I do not know what that is in English) even on a dude. The head and the necessary sehemus fine lakini if the hand, arms sprouts things I have serious issues.

Not that I want people to shave, on the contrary lakini

farmgal said...

You can have my job..at the minute its not exactly what i signed up for.

aegeus said...

Hebu find that job pronto! You spend too much of your life in that office to be unhappy! All the besti with finding a better one!

Majonzi said...

lol! I must be super hairy! I have to shave my legs every week! wacha my arms.... LOL.... jamaas in here must be scared of me... anyways, don't worry, I take care of myself so only once in a while does my tumfuzzies show (wink, wink)

>d® said...

Dawg, I know you didn't just say "..warmly snuggled in her fuzz without blankets." Just the thought of that gives me the willies, as does the thought of trying to egest a hairball!

Girl next door said...

A moustache is not attractive on women at all! Chics go through some painful processes to get smooth fuzz-free skin.

At times you end up working just to get experience or a paycheck--as long as you know it's not forever!

Acolyte said...

@ majonzi
ebu deal with them chap chap! Well some dudes can look past all that hair as in the case of that mama you saw.
@ phassie
at least there is room for movement for you.
@ 3n
Keep on moving and let us know how it goes!
@ prou
So you have a semi hair phobia. Dont worry it wont hurt you, lol!
@ farmgal
Let's swap!
@ aegeus
Yeah I do plan to start searching at the end of the month.
@ >d
Lol I had to say it if someone else didn't.
@ gnd
Well they say that total beauty isnt easy but I think the fruits are worth the pain that you have to undergo.
At times we do what we gotta do!