Monday, July 09, 2007

Blogging Is Like.........

Blogging is alot like sex in many ways

- Some people like to make the fact that they do it public while some others do it undercover and deny the fact that we do it all.
-Some people like to do it by themselves while others like to do it as a group.
- Some people can do it more than once a day while others do it once a week.
- The first time is never the same for everyone.
- You can do it for money or just for the love of it.
- Some people take forever to get it done while some people can do it in minutes
- You can teach yourself or get someone to teach you.
- We all have our own way of doing it.
- Some people think they are really good at it when they really suck at it.
- Some people look really skilled when you look at their blogs but when you really sink your teeth into it they are all talk and no action/content.
- Some people pretend to be gentlemen on their blogs when they are really sick freaks in real life.
- You can go to jail for doing it. It is banned in some countries too!
- Some people do it for fun while others see it as their calling in life.

I could go on and on, but I'll let ya'll add some other analogies in the comments section. I have been reflecting lately and I have realised that a blog is like a sexual partner (yes being on the b-train kinda shifted my perspective), you see when you start blogging it is an exciting process. You can't keep your hands of your blog, you want to feel it all over and discover new things, make it look better, read better and make it an enjoyable experience for all who visit. But over time much like a sexual partner, the faults you overlooked due to your earlier euphoria become glaringly apparent, other blogs begin to look/read better than yours, you begin to wonder how another blog hosting service would feel, you so want to leave but you have this regular blog that you have become so accustomed to that you don't know how other blogs/ blog hosts/ blog communities will treat you. You want to go but you also want to stay because better the devil you know than the angel you don't.

Ps: I'm not contemplating stopping blogging even though I'm on semi-hiatus; I'm just considering leaving blogger..........


Kafai. said...

It can become an addiction to the detriment of other spheres of life.

Anonymous said...

"PS" is that supposed to be a hint?

Iwaya said...

I hope you're kidding...Quiting Blogger I mean. i promise I'll comment more, ok? :O)

Methuselah said...

I wonder where you want to go and "do it" now. All the best in finding a new partner! :-)

mocha! said...

This is soo true!!!

Sasa semi-hiatus ni nini???

So, if you leave blogger utaenda wapi?

K.I.P.U.S.A said...

its addictive

Frankie said...

am thinking of joining wordpress too...seeing as though everyone is moving partners..i mean blog hosts

3N said...

I also had a ‘wordpress’ moment but I am not going to be a blog whore, at least not yet. You have to keep doing what you do and infusing new ideas and techniques in your blog life.
Say you move to wordpress, what if blogger revises their program and ends up being better? Do you think it will take you back?

egm said...

I got a domain and registered in WP, but I have not been active there in a while. Decided to dig a little farther into Blogger and see what I could get out of it. My experience has been, both are excellent where they excel, but suck big time where they don't. What I need is a platform that combines the best of both WP and Blogger.

Archer said...

Some are faithful to one partner, while others have several partners.

A couple of hidden messages up in there. Anyway, karibu to Wordpress! My partner has many available sisters who are equally as beautiful, if not more!

Girl next door said...

I like your analogy of blogging and sex=) The one of doing it as a group made me laugh....

I enjoy reading your stuff so keep sharing!

Bomseh said...

It is a lot like sex I agree, some people don't do it and don't know what they are missing.

Udi said...

Then I guess me I am a loyal lover. Blogger mpaka death do us part. I dont want the sexy wordpress to make me cheat on my lovely wife

farmgal said...

Wherever you go just make sure I know...alafu whats happening peeps going on hiatus? Is it something in the air?

gishungwa said...

please let us know where the new diggs is at? Trust long periods on BT to warp perception.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
mocha! said...

Haiya...kwani there is a troll on Aco's blog???

The Phantom said...

man, u are now attracting crazies? dont envy you in the least. this comment will probably not be seen by anyone,least of all you Aco but you are very welcome to WP. its really the 'burbs, as N8T at

Spidey/Tato said...

LOL and u do know u do it many times in only a few minutes!

Anonymous said...

aco, do you smell it?,,,,,, i do to it smells like someone took a huge dump on your ^.....*

Acolyte said...

@ kafai
Very true
@ anon
@ iwaya
Thanks! I'm still thinking about leaving but not soon.
@ methu
I'm going to search real slow.
@ kipusa
Sure is!
@ frankie
At least I am not alone!
@ 3N
Yes I am doing what I can to keep the affair alive!
@ egm
I have taken a look at your site and I like what you have done with it so far.
@ archer
I will come by and take a look, take your time and decipher the messages! lol
@ bomseh
More people should join us!
@ udi
Blogger is easy to use but wordpress is rather tempting!
@ farmgal
Life is pelekaing us chap chap nowadays!
@ Gish
When I move you shall be among the first to know!
@ mocha
Just cant escape em it seems!
@ phantom
I will e sure to pass by your joint, I have deleted that crap.
@ spidey
Good one!
@ anon
Sad but true, gotta clean house!

K.I.P.U.S.A said...

ur quitting bloging?