Saturday, July 07, 2007

Movie Time!

It's been so long that I doubt most of the readers who read my blog remember, but guess what? Even though I am in semi-hiatus, Movie Time is back! Sit back and enjoy the fun. If the movie isn't showing click here.

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Here's another one! If it isn't showing here is the link.

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And yet another one! Back up link here.

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This here was a classic! R. Kelly could have learned a thing or two from this dude! You never take off your mask when the cameras are rolling!

Here's one for the road! Look at them run! But on the serious side, the chic in the video had the lamest excuse for stepping out on her man; "you are never home..." Damn! Anything but that, dude is busy working to take care of you and the kids. If he stayed at home all the time it would be another story altogether. And she has the nerve to have an attitude about it! Remember, good guys always finish last, when it comes to women! Anyway that is blog material for another day. Let me enjoy my semi-hiatus.

Nice Weekend all! For those of you who are not in the movies, your time will come! It always does!


eddiie said...

Demn!!!! my PC has jammed to show them..but i will try untill i declare it a fail.......

but according to the words?....i just truly expect big stuff.....

construct me a cyber in my room next time around..

agiasi said...

Aco those two cheaters clips rock! Hehehhe...never ever ever take the mask off!! and was that a mamaa or a dude/mamaa. Then in the second one the dude who was cheating was strapped and drama ensued...i also heard that Greco was stabbed but i shall have to look for that clip...drama!! Thanks for the clips. Cheers!

Archer said...

I've been told that I feature somewhere in those clips, but I'll have to wait till Monday to view them on a PC. Otherwise dadii, uko poa lakini? Enjoy the weekend.

Acolyte said...

@ eddie
Try the links coz it seems the vids arent showing, urgh!
@ agiasi
That show so rocks! That clip is on youtube.
@ archer
Follow the links and you can see yourself in action!

modo on the couch said...

LOL! that's hilarious. bana udi, si you buy anatha ngotha...ORANGE? jeez, no wonder she don't want to be with you.

archer, wacha kujiringa hapo...

cheaters is nasty man...drama for your mama..

mocha! said...

LOL....aahhh the return of movietime!!!

Classics as always!

As for cheaters, yaani peeps are always caught out it the funniest of situations. dude in clip one. Yaani being caught 'perhaps' as he was about to come....TIHIHIHIHIHIHI! Talk about a passion killer right there!

phassie said...

I am on the floor. Someone please pick me up. LMAO!