Friday, July 06, 2007

Nothing To Say.........

I was reading this article and I got to thinking. Is it that men always talked almost as much as women and this was misrepresented or is it that now men are becoming more like women and talking more or are women becoming more like men and talking less? And who said there was only 2 sides to a coin?

In other news, on hearing these tidings a one D shy, Majonzi, Kelitu, Spicebear, Nick and other females on the Kenyan blogosphere were seen prostrated on the ground crying tear of joy. Enjoy the movie ladies.

This is one of the best fake stories that I have ever read! Whoever wrote it needs a big pat on the back!

You have to play this game, it rocks! Not Safe For Work!

Since summer is here, I have to share one of my seasonal peeves. Unless you have a visor for your windscreen or have shaded parking, you have to park in the sun. So when you leave work or wherever you had gone and get into your car, it's an interesting experience. First of all, it's like stepping into an oven and unless you have one of those newer cars that have super cool air-conditioning when you start the car, all the air-con does is spread that hot air; so you leave it off for the first few minutes. The most fun part is how hot your steering wheel gets, so it's like trying to make corners holding a hot plate. I've taken to driving with oven mitts for the first mile till the air-conditioning kicks in.

And in other news, I have began the latest draft of H.I.P.P.I.E! More randy action coming to a blog near you!


eclipse said...

# 1...thats a first. Aco no hiatus unaona vile i got psyche.

Elsie said... blog,m new to blogging n ua blogs jst make my day....kip writting...

mocha! said...

Off to soma...!

K.I.P.U.S.A said...

ati u drive with oven mittens, thats a funny.

mocha! said...

I hope that movie is a success.

I can see you finally got your jalopy...nice. Pole about the heat. Huku its been raining like a nonsense and it should be doing it in April. El Nino is back!

Have a timam weekend!

Udi said...

Boss, leave the window slightly open. No matter how hot it gets, you wont ingia an oven.

Dshy said...

Manolo (Actually I lie, Christian Louboutin is who my feet party with) 001 reporting for duty!!

You know me too well.I welcomed this news the same way the prodigal son was welcomed back. In other words, I think I saw the face of God. Seriously if we were allowed to believe in two Gods, Sex and the City would be the other one.

I cannot tell you how many times I have fantasised about Mr Big. *sighs* every girl should have a Mr Big. Strong, dependable, funny, sophistimacated with his own driver. *double sigh*

Speaking of Mr Big, I read this joke the other day;

what did Cinderella say as she left the photoshop?

'some day my prints will come'


Majonzi said...

lol,how did I know the game was sex? unlike UNYC, I wouldn't even care if Sex and City had a movie or not... never watched the series, but know of it.

lol on the fake BBC news!!You'll be amazed at the number of peeps who will quote it as real.

Makanga said...

700 0ut 0f 1000

Acolyte said...

@ eclipse
I am slowly scripting a comeback I tell you!
@ elsie
Thanks for the support!
@ mocha
I miss spring rain like a nonesense, hapa it is like living in an oven I tell you!
@ kipusa
Gotta do what's gotta be done!
@ udi
Thanks for the tip, I hope I find my car radio when I come back though.
@ dshy
I am sure you are still flushed from the good news.
That joke just earned you a beating!
@ majonzi
That storo cracked me up I tell you! It was a classic, I thought you were a fan of that show; seems I learn something new daily!
@ makanga
I don't know whether to be impressed or worried.

Anonymous said...

hmmm... i wonder how many guys samantha is gonna sleep with in the movie. Davie

Spidey/Tato said...

fool i have watched a total of 3 episodes..definitely will not cath the movie how dare u!!!