Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday Moanings Part XI

Word on the net is that pictures of self styled Kenyan Diva Kaz are floating around the internet. No I have not seen them (a forward would be appreciated though) but I do hear they were tasteful pics (someone posted them online, holla at me for the link) she said they taken by someone she trusted or rather in her own words "loved" and for some reason or other chose to spray them all over the internet. I'm all for self expression and all that other good stuff but I wonder at times how come women let scandalous pics be taken of them in the first place and even worse to let other parties keep those pictures? I mean unless you also have explicit pics of your boyfriend what assurance do you have that if things go wrong that he won't share them with the rest of the world? Hmmmmmmm a thought just came to me, what if Kaz did this as a publicity stunt to keep her name in the lime light? The pics were being discussed on a popular Kenyan forum and I have never seen so many requests for a forward, the dude who cracked me up was the one who said, " please forward me those pics, they are for a school project." The other peeps who cracked me up are the ones who had this exchange on the same thread

Chic - I'm suspecting another guy in the office took those pics. Our wall is green and that wall is very green...
Dude - That's a bed in the "office"... Kwani you work in a brothel? If so whats the location?

Talk about 10-0. What was I trying to say? That's what I get for trying to blog while drinking a beer. Piece some meaning or useful lesson from that paragraph for me.

I was reading Mocha's blog the other day and she took issue with some commenter who took issue with her "dislike" of Nonini. So in the comments section someone posted this article by someone else who was taking issue with Kenyan music as a whole. Harsh as the article was I do agree with most of the author's points, the most ironic thing is that this dude is a pal of mine; we used to work together. Talk about an interesting way to run into people from way back when. On a bunny trail, I watched a music video of a song by Circuite (of Manyake fame), someone needs to take away his studio access: his videos suck and his music sucks even more!

And in closing, a long time ago the Acolyte used to watch WWF (not WWE) wrestling. Of course I knew wrestling was the last thing that was going on; just laughably bad scripting, steroid pumped wrestlers and silicone enhanced women. Anyway in the segment below Stone Cold Steve Austin and Booker T decide to go at it in a supermarket. If you aren't a wrestling fan don't bother watching the whole thing; the best part of it for me was mins 6:04 - 6:38. And people please don't try that at home or at your local supermarket! Nice Week people.........


Anonymous said...

Here are the pictures

Archer said...

I got the Kaz email last week, and needless to say, I was appaled! (Ok, I kid, I wasn't) It's really unfortunate that her nude pics are circulating on the internet for her privacy to be explored by all and sundry. But sometimes I have to blame the victims to some extent. When they pose for nude pictures, whether it's with their lovers, boyfriends etc, doesn't it ever occur to them that the pictures may fall into the wrong hands? Or that the person may use the pictures against them once the relationship goes sour? There are malicious people in this dunia of ours.

Prousette said...

I have had an eyeful of those pics and they aren't pretty.
What was Kaz thinking
a. taking nude pictures and
b. giving them out to a dude she claims to love/have loved?

maritim said...

I have been looking for those pics and would definately like to see not that I am a voyuer but she does have a fine body. That aside, I dont know what she freaking about coz I mean, is she ashamed of her body or what? coz i think if it is fly as I know it is people will appreciate not shun her. Nude pics are harmless unlesss she wants to run for presidency or something like that.

Klara said...

Digz lookin great..
I saw the pix too an am still in shock..I cant Imagine the embarrassment she must be going thru

mocha! said...

#1....send me the link!

#2.....that person still has issues with me!!! Eff them bana!!!


mocha! said...

Ohhh....that article is on my entry, not the comment section!

Udi said...

who is Kaz? I am behind on Kenyan celebrities.

U jua me I will ask for any scandalous pics I can see. Yahoo mail tafadhali.

Anonymous said...

saw the pics on the same forum,one thing though those pics were professionally done... just look at the settings,the lights,poses,makeup.i dont believe they were leaked out thinks she knew what she was doing.

xs said...

As 3N who have said, i have really symphathised with her.....but also disappointed....kwani, i expected more....kama ya yule mwingine.....

Eclipse said...

I have the Kaz pic..if u want hola

The WWE clip is toooooo the way i njoy the fake nonsense scripts of WWE..too comedic

Liwe funzo kupiga picha ovyo ovyo.

Anonymous said...

Those are professional shots - the lighting is pretty decent (not great) and she seems styled for a photoshoot with the hair and makeup and groomed bikini area(yeah, I looked). Just a shameless publicity stunt! Don't know and don't care who she is, but she's working hard to prolong her 15 minutes...

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous...And it's working, right?

Acolyte said...

@ anon
Thank you for sharing
@ archer
I hear those pics are kind of old, she should have been smart enough to keep them originals very close to her.
When emotions come in one door, logic goes out the other.
@ prou
I agree they aren't anything to write home about and you arent the only one asking those same questions.
@ maritim
Well the link to the pics has been posted and I agree with you since she isnt running for public office it is a bit too late for her to worry.
@ Klara
I wish that was my digz lol. I wish I had a source near to her who could tell me what is going on.
@ mocha
Link is the first comment, knock yourself out! Welcome to cyber stalking!
@ udi
Kaz is another mama who thinks she is the sh*t but isn't.Check your inbox!
@ anon
Professional pics I must agree, shame about the body though. And I do agree the pics could have been leaked.
@ xs
Yule mwingine? Ebu share!
@ eclipse
I see we are both on the up and up! I used to penda WWE tene before it turned to crap I havent watched it for years!
@ anon
The lighting is great and so is her hair, oh and the green wall looks pretty good too.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys I placed the photos on my website not with an intention of hurting anyone but with the intention of showing how far people are going into immorality shamelessly then when gotten they start giving excuses. For real I never expected them to spread the way they have, damn three forums hav this discussion going on! Am going to remove the ones for Kaz and place Miss USIU. Beef with me? holla
Big Boller 2007

Anonymous said...

Big Boller, oyu should be ashamed of yourself. What did you expect to happen when you posted the pics and the links on Mashada (of all places) ???!!! Ati with no intention to hurt anyone. Puh-leaze!!!

gishungwa said...

As my mum would say "all things done in darkness shell come out in broad day light".
WWF me and my dad's favorite before they started talking too much

Anonymous said...

updated link.

Anonymous said...

shame my ass! I dont care wot ya say the fact is she a pervert and so are you tryin 2 lawyer her. f I've made up my mind I aint chukin em!
Big Boller 2007.

Acolyte said...

@ anon
Big Boller, don't remove jack! People have to see these things!
@ anon2
We wacha! The damage has already been done!
@ gish
I feel you, nowadays its rubbish! And yes, everything comes out eventually.
@ Big Boller
Stand your ground! In fact I am planning a second post on this issue!

xs said...

Unfortunately i deleted that other show...deadly it was....... nione kando maybe i cud get some other source who cud have saved the pix in their personal collection....LOL

bankelele said...

A paris hilton stunt i suspect, the leak of the pics was no accident. yawn

Anonymous said...

leave kaz alone, kenyans act like tey are all nuns and monks f-that

aegeus said...

she posed for those pictures, a willing participant kwani? eish!

Lola Gets said...

I had an old lover take pics of me whilst I was nude. You couldnt see anything important, but you knew I was naked. This fool is an artist, and he put the pics in his photo ablum and his portfolio! Man, everyone we knew saw them, LOL.

What can ya do?