Friday, February 08, 2008


Last week, I went to see Goapele perform in downtown ATL and I must say it was well worth the money. She has a great voice and a wonderful band. The concert was only $20 and that would have been the same amount of money I would have paid to enter a club. On a negative note, many bars and lounges here have a no smoking policy, I know smoking is harmful for your health but it did have its benefits. You see on the concert floor some selfish bastard decided to let out a silent killer, do you know how distracting it is when you are listening to someone make beautiful music and then a horrendous smell wafts to your nose breaking your concentration. I think bars and lounges need to put some sort of fragrance in the air because in the smoking days that stench would have never reached my nose, and to think that was a grown and sexy crowd, more like grown and stinky!

There's this lady I was talking to the other day, who is only about 10 years older than I am but when she shares her experiences I feel like she has lived twice the lives I have. You see she is the kind of person who decided to do as much travel and experience as much as she could wherever she was and as a result has few regrets about not doing things and still wants to do more. I've lately being trying to do more and more new things, the concert was one of them because it is so much easier to stay at home and watch videos on mtv and not bother going to stand in line for a concert ticket and bother with the crowd. I have decided that at least once a week I have to experience something new even if it is something as small as using a new route to go to work. I think we shouldn't confine ourselves to the same experiences day after day, week after week; life is made to be experienced and lived. What's your new experience going to be this week?

I knew it was only a matter of time before those mungiki goons started doing this. The sad thing is that with the contacts and the networks they have built, those chaps are going to be out on the street in no time. I was also looking at this article on BBC, and I have to sympathise with Kenyans for making it day by day. I was also discussing the cost of everyday life in Kenya even before this whole drama and when I'm told of 6% economic growth, I had to scoff because that growth in no way affected the lives of the different people that I have been talking to because everything from rent, food, bus fare have skyrocketed while incomes remain the same. Anyway let me not dwell on that depressing topic.

Anyway, I think I've been preoccupied lately, it's about time I got online and watched some Cup of Nations highlights to see the best that Africa has to offer.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree about trying something new each day,Yeah, even if its just a new route to work..and funny you said that coz there's this route that i used a reallly looong time ago and would take me just a few minutes to get me to work but i've resisted it with excuses like 'what if now its a dead end, or if the potholes on it are big enough to swallow my car, or worse, its now a den for the mungiki.....but you know what, imma use it to get back home today. Thanks Aco for fishing my adventurous spirit from wherever it had ran off to

Anonymous said...

oh..and yaay.*dancing a traditional jig*..i've never been top three on anyone's blog..not like i comment much..but here I am on the great Aco's..and...I am first right...? *biting on lower lip*

Anonymous said...

sema ur comments concerning the post on my blog:"of fads and bandwagons"
i appreciate the correction and i guess it serves to remind us that none of us is a universe on their own when it kams to knowledege...big up
now to your post,i'm envious that you can just go see Goapele!!!! definitely a highlight

Anonymous said...

cup of nations is wont be dissapointed.
in the spirit of venturing tommorow am going to the new nairobe safari see some wildlife and conqurer my fear for wooden /fragile bridges.....

should you decide to meet head on with hapyness this weekend(kukutana na raha) ,do it responsibly :)

Anonymous said...

Best of luck experiencing new things man. You are in the most prosperous and simultaneously weirdest and most exciting place on Earth so you should have adventure after adventure to report if you are willing to put yourself out there.

A nice light post. Thanks man.

The.Hanyeé said...

Goapele is soooo money...

Totally feel you on doing "different" shit, travelling and taking a bit more time to smell the roses than you usually do...

Girl next door said...

It's a challenge to do new things coz routines are so safe. I'll definitely try it!

The much publicized economic growth probably benefitted people who were already doing well. It's just like here in the States where the wealthiest had the largest increase in income over the past few years. I think the middle class is being forced to struggle even harder both here and at home. Like the housing recession probably doesn't affect the superwealthy and the very poor as much. Every country needs a solid middle class.

pesa tu said...

I agree life is meant to be experienced NOT lived in daily drudgery and boredom

Tamtam said...


It sounds like you want to move out of your comfort zones,lol.

As for the Mungiki, they have lots of support from some powerful people. However, the fact that they were harming their own last year speaks volumes.

Well, I am definitely saying yes to more invitations, as I cannot be bothered to go out in the freezing cold. It is different when the sun is shining, as I just manga manga.

Acolyte said...

@ malkia
Congrats on being number one on my run of the mill blog!
Well as long as it is safe, you should try the new route to work. Let me know how it goes!
@ mashinc
Just wanted to share some knowledge that's all, yet that concert was worth the money!
@ bryjoe
Do tell me how the safari walk was, that is one thing I have to do when I get back to Kenya.
I had a simple weekend with safe raha, thanks!
@ mwangi
The U.S has many different experiences available but as for the most prosperous place on earth, the jury is out on that.
@ the.hanyee
Good to hear from you, lost one!
That mama rocked big time! I hope you try something new soon!
Sadly as it looks now our middle class back home is dwindling. Let me know how the experiment goes!
@ pesa tu
Yes that's how it should be, live life to the fullest!
@ tamtam
I decided it was time for change. The whole mungiki issue makes my blood boil because its ordinary wanainchi who suffer and not the people who funded them.
At least the cold here is wearing off so I can get out more.

Anonymous said...

i like me my fridays....!

Anonymous said...

Make me realise that I don't like change. Something that ought to change immediately. First change is eer, keep clear of the homepub.

Lola Gets said...

New tihs week? Well, I just might decide to make an ass out of myself at the Lord & Taylor (department store) model call. Theyre looking for catalogue and in-store models, and Im thinking I just might go and look like an idiot.

If I do, be sure to stop by the blog to read all about it!


gishungwa said...

Mine is more that am stuck in routine things and i like the predictability. Still looking to try something new this weekend and be sure to tell you about it.
I love goapele was introduced by akiey.

Anonymous said...

One new thing a week? I like. I think I'm going to borrow that and try it on for size.

Anonymous said...

life can get rather dreary...keeping it fresh i see...pun intended...

phassie said...
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phassie said...

A change is as good as a rest. We are afraid to try something new and/or different because of failure and/or rejection.

I say, push yourself, you will always surprise yourself! ;)

Anonymous said...

change is good. It freshens the mind and rests the soul... Thats motivating there, think I need to embrace it more...

Acolyte said...

@ Kip
I love Fridays too!
@ bomseh
We all dislike change as human beings, the simpler things are the happier we are.
@ lola
I most def have to come by and read about your adventures!
@ gish
Goapele rocks, do let me know if you take on any new changes!
@ Rombo
When things calm down do blog about it, Id like to read about it.
@ tallb
Thats the thing about life, if you arent careful it can bore you big time.
@ phassie
I plan to push myself as much as I can.
@ zax
Yes a change is as good as rest and even more!

Half n Half said...

LOL @ malkia ati the great aco!

I did indeed! its not my fault... visit mine