Friday, February 22, 2008

Yet Another Week

This was a very interesting quiz that was part of the Sunday paper a week or so ago. I think it's a good piece to share with friends as it helps bring out the elephant in the room that we have all been ignoring.

I also came across these funny cartoons online. Simple yet rather amusing.

Since Val's has just past us and some of your ladies out there shall be looking for a man to spend the days after that with, here is a good survey for you to print out and make him take, so as to see if you are getting quality or not.

I was reading this story about Real Madrid and their Club President had me lost for words......

'Iker Casillas and Raul have both agreed to stay with the club for the rest of their sporting lives,' Real president Ramon Calderon told a news conference on Thursday.
'On this day, which is Valentine's day, Iker, Raul and Real can say they love each other, they need each other, and complement each other and will commit for life.

I have a confession to make, I am a serial student ID abuser. After my undergrad degree I used my student ID for around 4 years whenever and wherever I could; the only sad thing is that it had an expiry date at the back showing when I was due to have graduated so that severely limited its' use. Since I graduated last year I have had a new ID to abuse and this one has no expiration date!!! I have used it to get a cheap gym membership, cheaper movie tickets and I recently used it to buy concert tickets at student rates. Only when I get white hairs and no longer look like the chap in the picture is when I shall stop using that student ID.

I was reading Bankelele's blog the other day and one his inflation index he had the price of a pack of fries in Nairobi at 50 - 60 shillings. Oh, the horror!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes yes I know that that price may drop when potatoes become more readily available and the price of cooking oil drops, but damn! That is still way too much to pay for fries. Anyway I guess air burgers it is for people in Nairobi now sadly.

Have a nice weekend all!


Mocha! said...

Have a nice weekend!

Aegeus said...

and to you too!

those links are sick/hilarious depending on how you look at them.

Mwangi - the Displaced African said...

It's nice to have you back. I subscribed for the blog recently and have been earnestly waiting for you to get back to posting.
Have a one-of-a-kind, mond-blowing weekend.

Lola Gets said...

Hey, lose that id til you die! I just wish mine didnt have an expiration date on it...those things are gold.


candybox said...

"Serial student ID abuser" lol. I was once one of them. Have a nice weekend.

Kelitu said...

50-60 kshs for fries??!!!What in the world?!
I will work weekends in a potato farm just to secure my own waruz...

The Artist In Me said...

Came across your blog and your reads are funny!

I abused my college ID for years after I graduated until my purse was stolen. I'm actually glad. I wasn't feeling right about the practice. Be blessed!

kainvestor said...

A typical fries-kuku-soda is now above 200 bop! and i don't think they will ever come back down again, ever!

Nakeel said...

Lol ID abuser but it helps sivyo.. why pay more when you have a fair ticket for fair prices..
Add that Mkate is hitting 40 bob... Yeah there is wheat shortage... Good to have you back

Acolyte said...

@ Mocha
@ aegeus
They cracked me up so I guess Im sick.
@ mwangi
Always good to know that I have at least one reader I can count on.
@ lola gets
Im going to have that ID for as long as I possible!
@ candybox
Good to know that Im not alone in that habit.
@ kelitu
I feel you on that one and feel the people's pain.
@ the artist in me
Thanks! Well I guess something good came out of something bad.
@ kainvestor
That is way toooooooo expensive, I can only imagine what Steers food costs right about now.
@ nakeel
It has saved me quite a bit of cash to say the least. Now what will the people of Kenya have for breakfast, njahii?

gishungwa said...

LOL at the links. Pretagged you even before i do mine.