Friday, June 27, 2008


There is something empowering about a Friday. There is nothing as encouraging as the feeling that you wont be going to work the next day (or at least that is the case for most of us). But then as soon as Saturday morning rolls in, somewhere deep inside it hits you that your weekend is almost half way gone. I would recommend 3 day weekends be the norm but usually after a 3 day weekend I am not good on the first work day that comes around to be honest.

I don't know if it's just me but time just seems to move so much faster nowadays. I remember when I was in high school, my Swahili teacher seemed to be the most powerful woman in the universe since her voice in my opinion would make time stop. The days of when I was bumming and time seemed to move like molasses are long gone. It is believed by some religions that when the end times come close, time shall begin to move much faster and who knows; at times I actually think that could be the case. Anyway I'm beginning to sound too morose for a Friday.

One thing that really bores me about working here in the West is fake office friendships. People at work like to really act super chummy and like they are bosom buddies but once they step out of the office environment, that's it. Like there was this chica who used to work for the company and she seemed to be close with almost everyone other than a few other chicas (you know how women just dont seem to all get along). So anyway she had been planning her wedding for a while and would go on and on about it and her fiancee. Do you know when she got married I think only one person was invited despite her making the whole office feel like they were part of the process? I knew I wasn't getting invited so it didn't bother me but it was funny though, were it in Kenya I doubt the office would have known she was getting married till she did her name change. But anyway that's life in the West for you.

I have also been working on a series of posts about the experience in the States that is called living in an apartment complex. Anyone who has lived abroad can tell you how that is a unique experience in itself most of the time. I'm sure some of you out there have your own stories to share.

In other news,I hear the cost of electricity in Kenya is going up. This would be a good time to invest in solar power even if its just for lighting your home the only thing that put me off is the initial high cost of solar panels and set up. You have to have quite a bit, last quote I got was like around $4,000/= the good thing though is that that by the 3-4 year mark that investment shall have paid for itself and since Kenya for the most part has sun most of the year you won't have to worry about power shortages when you need the power most.

Anyway time to prepare to get back on the grind...............


petesmama said...

I know that feeling... time speeding up towards some sort of inevitability. Too few hours in the day; too few days in the weekend - just not enough time!

mocha! said...

I feel you on the time thing. Kwanza now that I have to entertain mathe and move at the same time.

As for the tag....I will get down to it.

Does living with other people count? Believe me, I have had my share of experiences.

Solar Panels in Kenya are the best invest someone can make in this day and age. I will be doing it when I buy property huko. Unlike here where you need planning permission from the coucil to put them KE, I would not hesitate.

HLumiti said...

We have lots of sun and wind in these parts but instead of seeking investments to make these sources viable for many, government wants loans to expand tankage for crude oil! Ati to see us through periods of shortage/high prices. Such genius.

Nice weekend... on the bus?

Eclipse said...

Fridays are just too nice..I always wake up well on fridays coz i jua sato sunday its chill mode

Wat i like bout workmates huku is thats they is who you will go wit for drinks friday evening, sato and then choma sunday it aint superficial..

DRAMA POST...DRAMA POST i think ill start a facebook group 'We want Aco to finish the drama POSTS' ... :)

Mwangi said...

Might be belated but have a good weekend man

Ssembonge said...

My closest friends at work are those who I have known for more than 5 years and we've been through the thickness of company restructuring together. Like family, it is the tough times that have brought us closer.

Here come's your 3 day weekend. Enjoy.

Nubian Queen said...

Furahiday!...i think that word is overused every Friday on every blog by all Kenyans..except you!
Def looking forward to your piece. Fake smiles, friends, neigbours seemt to be the order of the day here..i mean the food tatses like candlewax too...argghhh i hate it!!