Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Moanings Part XVI

Another Monday is upon us! I don't have much to say other than vent a bit about some people. If there is one thing I hate it's liars, and what I hate even worse than liars are unrepentant liars. Have you ever caught someone in the the wrong, call them out and then they try and turn it around on you claiming that you are in the wrong, claiming you have trust issues and all that mess. When in reality you actually have more evidence than you think they do about what they did. Why I bother dealing with some people I don't even know. Anyway that is someone extra to boot out of my life.

I'm a bit late on this but seems like schools are striking en masse in Kenya. And in true mzee fashion Prof Ongeri decides to try and put out the smoke instead of the fire. Getting rid of cell phones in schools and DVD players isn't going to do much in the long run; the issues go far deeper than that.
Let's keep it real, many boarding schools' administration style leaves a whole lot to be desired. Add to the fact that many of them are still ran on the 1970's model of administration where children are meant to be seen and not heard. Listening to your students and talking to them can yield alot of results and this hardly every happens in many boarding schools and quite a few day schools too.
But on the other hand, many parents today have abdicated their roles as parents and role models. So as a result kids expect to have the same freedoms they have at home when they go to school. Add to this the fact that according to some parents their children can do no wrong so the teachers have no leeway when it comes to discipline. Throw in the increasing number of single parent households and you end up having a lack of male role models and the remaining parent is too busy trying to put food on the table to bother with Jr tearing up the school every other day.
I'm not even going to mention the KCSE fiasco. There's alot of work to be done. Thank God I am not a parent....

Anyway enough of the serious stuff! Time for the fun weekend pics. All opinions welcome! Have a nice day all!

Is the gal on the far left pregnant or just big?

As you can see in clubs the M.O when it comes to dancing is girl's ass meet's dude's crotch, but in some cases like the couple in the far right for some reason or other that doesn't work so........

First things first, why is there always tissue paper on the floor in these grimy clubs? Second how can the chic on the far left be barefoot after looking at the state of the floor. Third, why is the dude behind her drenched, is that sweat or what? Fourth, I wonder if that hand made it to it's desired destination?

I'd like to know the logistics of what they were doing too

Real friends don't let friends go out looking like a mess...

Please look at the expression of the chica on the far left, she sums it up best!

Now you all know what a camel toe is....


Mwangi said...

He he he my guy, those hareez being thrown in those pics look like the dictionary definition of disease carrying.......

As for Kenyan boarding schools, I thank God so much I didn't have to go through that, they would have straight up killed me they would. That's the only way they would have shut me up.

Eclipse said...

wah wah Aco..if thats wat u guys r subjected to in ur hanyeez then na shida. just kuja westi and u will see 80% fine thangs then a few diasasters here and there.

that tumbo ..1st pic..sickening i tell you. them pics rock... Haya drama post

as for these strikes...kiboko irudishwe na PS zifungiwe thats my 2 cents in all this.

mwangi u still use the word haree??? hehehhe too oldskul

Mwangi said...

@Eclipse: If "poa" is still around, I expect haree to be slipping of my tongue for a loong time :)

Lola Gets said...

Dude, why do you spend so much time on that site with the pics of the hootchee women?? WHY???


petesmama said...

Those party pictures - surely!

And as a not-so-skinny mama, someone needs to tell those women they can dress sexy without looking disgusting.

And I hate unrepentant liars. I just punch them then act unrepentant too.

gishungwa said...

calling them as you see them eh! Sad that most people won't accept when they are caught, end of drama i hope? those pics are insane and yes camel toe(learn something new each day).
As for strikes consequences for actions charge the arsonists and let them serve as a lesson. Secondly,bring back the kiboko and use that expulsion template to the full.

Prousette said...

No I did not know what camel toe is!
LOL! Trust Aco to miseducate away.

31337 said...

that camel toe dadii...damn!

coldtusker said...

Aco; They are all yours... except for the chica in yellow... she I will take...

beatrice said...

i cant beleive you are like the kenyan stereotypes blaming it singleparent households. wht of families where both parents are in constant fights? what you see is what you get. and wht constitutes a single parenthood other than death? i dont support single parenthood but wht to do if the other party bails out?

those photos.........jeez! do those mamas own full length mirrors?

beatrice said...

love your posts though.

Acolyte said...

@ mwangi
Those bashes are HOOD sana, I dont venture close to them at all I tell you!
@ eclipse
Lmao there are nice bashes too lakini you have to spotlight the most scandalous ones too you know.
Mwangi is old school when it comes to sheng I tell you!
@ lola
Such fuckery is funny to look at to say the least!
@ petesmama
I think I too need to start taking jabs. Some mamas think they are hot no matter what!
@ gish
Seems the kiboko has kibao supporters in Kenya, Im not shocked in the least.

Peter Njenga said...

Those big mamas are NOT appealing in any way whatsoever.
The schools strikes: Simple. Just discipline the kids. Nowadays, parents don't have time for their own kids. If anything, most parents are just bad examples. The teachers don't give a rat's a** anyway. It happens to be illegal to cane kids.
Discipline is the only way forward. We were disciplined, we never died and turned out fine. Period!

Acolyte said...

@ coldtusker
The one in the yellow isnt half bad to be honest....
@ beatrice
Single families are part of the problem and yes two parent families arent perfect but they have better odds at the end of the day. Plus I do agree it isnt always a choice at the end of the day. Thanks!
@ peter njenga
I think it goes way past the whip but I do agree we must first start with dialogue and then discipline. Often we over do one or the other.