Monday, August 04, 2008

Monday Moanings Part XVII

This weekend I had to help someone do one of the things that I hate most in the world; MOVE HOUSE! What made this worse is that this was a poorly orchestrated move, when you call the Acolyte to help you move, he expects to come to your house and find all your boxes packed and ready to go. Sadly this wasn't the case, most of the stuff was all over the place and there was hardly enough boxes to go round. To add insult to injury, what was to be tossed out wasn't sorted from what was to be kept; so we had to help do that in addition to packing.
Of course tempers were frayed at several times during that day and alot of moaning and wingeing was heard. But I also realised how much rubbish people accumulate over the years when they live in one area long enough. You see I have packrat tendancies but I balance it out by not buying very much, but I know people who are both packrats and heavy shoppers. I once helped this friend of mine move who had enough shoes to supply a small boutique. Anyway I guess we are all different when it comes to collecting stuff and moving. For me the more organised and the less stuff to move, the better! Sadly that was the story of my boring weekend.

But.................... I am in the process of discovering that revenge is a dish best served cold, nicely and chilled. More on that cryptic comment in the future.

Before I go ya'll didn't think I would forget the Monday segment. In fact I challenge ya'll to come up with a name for it. I'll get the ball rolling...."You Should Have Stayed Home"
That's what my tired mind could come up with, anyway let the captions and the fun begin!

No comment......

Nick watched wistfully as Milo once again had his way on the dancefloor...

What the hell?! The dance of the comatose?????

First of all, where is her left shoe? Second that stuff being splashed on her looks alot like.....

These are the chicas who are great fans of beer goggles and the 3 a.m rule....

At least oil your legs before you go to the club, I'm not even going to talk about the dress

Ashy legs - check, ashy face - check, no shoes - check, no shame - check....We have a winner!

What the hell?! Practice session for the after party or what?!

Have a nice day and stay out shady clubs!


bankelele said...

Yo, where do you find these pictures?

Moving is a great time to get rid of stuff, but ideally we should get rid of stuff before you move, but we are too emotionally attached to junk to get rid of it.

Speaking of which, businessman (and one few legit Kenyan billionaires) Manu Chandaria was featured on KTN last week and he showed his seven suit wardrobe? That’s right he has just 7 suits, and when he buys a new one, he must take one out/give it away? How about that - I have one billionth of his cash, and more suits than him!

ndungu said...

Moving try running it as a business and see how that works.

Phu***! ANOTHER WEEK????S***T

val said...

Now those pics are too much!!!! Methinks some guys are high before the leave their they kosa elec and mirrors...(I've made up my mind)

Ati Manu Chandaria has 7 suits??? wow...

I tend to keep alot of things as well...lakini I also periodically clean out..thats what saves me I think..

Eclipse said...

Haha Aco where do u get them pics from...DAMN!!!!!!!!!!! that name is very apt indeed...ati 'i shoulda stayed at home' hahahah apt indeed

Movin can be a b**** esp where mover aint organized but thats a story for another day

Now u owe us a revenge storo and DRAMA posts...facebook group is already bein created..'go search for 'Why aco should finish the drama posts' group on FB

back to them pics....HAHAHAHAH! am actually proud of all those chiks i see i westi ...coz they r way way waaaay better than them hoochies u pple have huko! hw do go rave bila jipakain mafuta? solea is so cheap!

am laughin mpaka now..those pics...madness!!!

Anonymous said...

Talk to your MP in Kenya through your home district blog at

Nakeel said...

Moving is always hard for people in Nai there is Cube movers and I her they do good job provided you willing to pat with cash like this.

Aco bro those pics bana enyewe those clubs ni za riverroad.

Anonymous said...

those chics with the tattoos, thats some ghetto mess!

petesmama said...


And the pictures just keep getting better (worse?!).

Yeah, moving tends to let you know what to throw out and what is necessary. I used to be a prolific junk collector, but moving to a smaller house cured me.

Prousette said...

It looks like people no longer dance in clubs up (down?)there if these pictures are anything to go by.

Ebu do the drama post soon.

.99 said...

Seriously, those pics are just out of this world... Leave alone our clubs in Westy, even those downtown river road are much more organized than hawa watu...LOL!

Moving houses is definately tricky bizz... there are some movers I know who pack for you, move and arrange stuff at a fee... its best that way I guess.

Half n Half said...

Am not even gonna pretend to talk about the moving ish

Now those pictures? Do those chicks have friends?

Acolyte said...

@ banks
Links plastered on the pics so feel free to visit the sites if curious. I hear Warren Buffet has lived in the same house for decades, and this house isnt a mega castle. I guess that keeps them grounded in one way or another.
@ ndungu
I may end up kicking my customer's asses.
@ val
In addition to elec and mirrors I think they are missing other important things.
Always clean out periodically, that makes space for more.
@ eclipse
Amazing what you can find on the net nowadays I tell you.
For real you wont let drama post go eh? Ill get to it bit by bit.
Much as Kenya is going down the drain on the whole we have a few things that we havent stooped to the level of doing.
@ Anon
@ nakeel
I am sure those peeps rake in the dough coz moving in nai was hard.
Lmao those pics are not KEnyan, thank God!
@ neema divine
Ghetto dont even begin to describe em!
@ petesmama
You would be shocked at what goes down under the cover of night in some of these joints.
@ prou
That is one reason I dont care much for clubs, Id rather dance then simulate sex on the dance floor and such.
Like I told someone else we arent at that level yet but sadly some of the younger peeps want us to get to that level.
half n half
It seems kibao chics dont have pals esp when it comes to getting ready to go to the club.

---Supreme-G.R.E.A.M--- said...

Its been long since I clubbed. Looking at these nasty pictures, I dont miss clubbing at all.

Phassie said...

were those pictures from an orgy fest? WTF??

boyf. said...

men! i am unable to read the content coz a picture is a thousand words.too erotic!

Anonymous said...
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