Friday, August 29, 2008

And The Week Is Over......

Have you ever noticed that when it comes to giving opinions about things Kenyans or even other Africans have done, there is nothing like constructive criticism. You are either seen as all praise or all criticism or hating.

My case in point is like the case of the Kenyan dude who had this big nursing school somewhere in the States. It was doing pretty well till due to some financial mismanagement of some sort the school went under. When the news was released there were those in "the know" who pointed out where and when he went wrong. Then of course came the counters from the other side who accused the detractors of being jealous.

My question is why can't we take some criticism as what it is, just that. We don't do perfect things but whenever someone comes round and gives some constructive criticism, they are accused of being haters and never wanting another Kenyan to succeed. It's that lack of acceptance of criticism that leads to many failures because when you look at the way many Kenyans run things, they won't take any criticism till sooner or later what they are doing fails and most probably wouldn't have if they just listened to their "detractors".

Let's look at the video below by some U.S based Kenyan musicians.

For one the video is very well made and produced, but that's just about it. The rhymes are the usual 1-2-3 Kenyan style and the lyrics suck too. But we both know if I went to YouTube and posted that, after being called a hater I would be told to make a better video myself. Me making a video or not doesn't hide the songs flaws. That's the Kenyan attitude, you are either with us or against us. Anyway I have said enough about that.

In other news I have a 3 day weekend coming up! 2 days never seems enough for a weekend, so now I get an extra day just for me. By the way does BBA 3 stream online? From the little I know it seems that Kenya has a somewhat decent rep in the house this time round as opposed to the last two losers we had in there. I have never been a big fan of reality tv, live out here long enough and you will see every single theme possible milked dry; but to see Africans do their thing in the house I shall make an exception this time round. So if anyone has any link out there please share.....


Nakeel said...

Its not just criticism also when someone is giving a positive advise it ends up they hating at you or something but the day people will learn to take any word altered by another positively then silly and stupid mistakes wont happen.

Mwangi said...

I think the problem with criticism is that its not a simple black and white affair for either the critic or the criticized.

One approach I heard to communication over the weekend that I have had a HARD time implementing that I think would be the best way to approach criticism is:

The quality of communication can only be measured by response. Intention doesn't matter only the response.

I think if I were to do that it would pretty much force me to think about why I am saying what I am saying to folks, whether what I am saying is helping me get them where I think they need to go.

As for the video and Kenyan music in general, I try to stay away from criticizing it simply because our industry is so weak and needs help rising up though of course there is a dark side to that because our music industry isn't always positive messages and imagery of hope and love all the time.

Have a great week.

Mo said...

Ah, how those people - who tell you to sing it better if you can - piss me off! Art is subjective and, hence, it is open to interpretation plus if they're creating it for the public market, then the singers are well aware that they're opening themselves to criticism; positive, negative...etc

It's their fans that are annoying!

Msanii_XL said...

"Art is subjective" they do not hear you though.

That video is ehh and the lyrics even less spectacular. smh at nonini and Jua cali lites [/snark].