Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Moanings Part XVIII

For those of you who just watched this video and went "huh?" The whole vid basically sums up LisaRaye's response to being kicked to the curb by the Premier of Turks and Caicos whom she married around 2 years ago in a Hollywood style wedding. Any it seems that her hubby had a roving eye of sorts and even had a rape accusation come up against him a few months ago, I guess when he allegedly took up with a BET TV host whom 50 cent once called a hoe, she had her publicist release a statement then went partying in NY with Lil Kim and co.

So now it seems Lisa Raye had a change of heart and decided that being Island royalty trumps ego, so she went back home only to get a statement that her husband was filing for divorce and wanted to do so quietly and amicably. So this is what happened as a result;

LisaRaye, who was banned from the main house, drove her car through a barricade at the house, parked her car and barged into a closed door meeting between the Premiere and his cabinet ministers.

She allegedly pounced on Misick and commenced to sink her teeth into his flesh. Another man who attempted to separated the former lovers, was also bitten. Both Raye and Misick were treated for human bites at a local hospital and LisaRaye was placed under arrest.

So what I wonder is did he bite her back or did his bodyguard bit her back or what?! I have no idea if the video above was shot before or after her arrest. But I do love the way she throws him under the bus in the beginning of the interview. Don't you just love the sneer on her face when she says, "I will continue to be uplifting and pray for him"

I do admire her saying about how she is planning on continuing to do alot for the Island even when from what I read, the people of the Island never took a major liking to her that and the fact that her soon to be former husband is the Premier means that she won't be around for much longer. I'm sure she knew what her husband was doing but I guess when he took up with a public figure and embarrassed her she decided enough was enough, that and the unexpected divorce announcement but even so I do feel the whole issue could have been handled better; I mean how can you both say you want to handle matters in private yet press releases are being sprayed like mass media is going to be banned? But the way it's going on right now it just means more drama for me to enjoy in my boring life.

Anyway what would our Monday be without "You Shoulda Stayed At Home!" segment? Now Monday is here with us, sadly so the grind has to begin again. I really do need to become independently wealthy because this working thing isn't doing much for me. Suggestions and ideas people?

Real Friends Make Honest Comments About What Their Friends Are Wearing

Girl In The Front Left, "I think this much of her (makes hand gesture)" - Feel free to caption

I Can Explain, She Fainted In The Club And He's Listening For A Pulse

Is He Blowing On Her Stomach Like You Do Babies?

Has Anyone Seen My Skin Moisturiser and My Neck?

Clubbing Is Hard Work

Clubbing Can Indeed Be Overwhelming

I shall leave this one for ya'll to caption because I looked at it and all I could do was shake my head.....


Msanii_XL said...

At least she is about to get paid! ama what are the chances that island does not have those generous Hollywood divorce laws?

Nubian Queen said...

Goddamn!! i juat had a Players club flashback where Lisa ray was sliding down that pole...thats exactly where they met. He saw that ass and he had to get it...she saw all that money and first lady title and jumped on it!

@ Msanii im not sure shes gonna get anything. I mean this guy is the president of the damn country and i dont think they have rules like the states about spousal support! Thats just sad yo Lisa was a banger!! cant believe he let that go for ugly ass Rocsi...arrgh!

gishungwa said...

LMAO full hundred at "shoulda stayed at home segment" WTH were they thinking, even booze cannot be blamed for this one!

Archer said...

Some people have all the luck in the world. If you can afford to bench LisaRaye, while the rest of us have to be content with PC But the woman has guts, storming into a Cabinet meeting and biting him. Can you imagine Karoocy doing the same? Oh wait...she has. Kuna wenda wazimu duniani. Though I give LisaRaye props for that act.

Who's this Rocsi woman anyway?

Acolyte said...

@ msanii
I bet dude has his ass covered with those island laws.
@ nubian queen
That mama knew how to work with what she has I wonder how it will all end.
@ gish
I dunno what it is about the club, liqour and cameras that makes peeps go buckwild!
@ archer
You need to have cash and status to get a mama like that. He had both. Lakini the mama is hood you dont play with her, Rocsi is a mama who hosts a show on BET.

Bygbaby said...

Them damn club photos are a hot mutha fuckin mess! I think these people believe no one sees them looking like fools.