Friday, September 05, 2008

Behold The Weekend Is Here!

Whenever I tell people that I am eccentric and that I have many interesting quirks they usually discount it until they meet me in person. I was just thinking of one of my quirks that I was sharing with a friend. It really turns my stomach when people use "da" instead of "the" ie da beat instead of the beat. I know it's meant to be cool and hip but whenever I hear that it sounds like nails on chalkboard to me. But no I do not speak in Ye Old English, I do use slang but irregardless "da" really bothers me.

In other news I think I am going through severe dog withdrawal, you see before I came out here I have always had a dog or dogs. So coming out here and not having a pet would get to me sooner or later, me getting a dog of my own is out of the question. I don't think it would be fair to coop up a dog in an apartment the whole day while I'm at work, at least in Kenya they could run around in your compound when you were gone. So I have come up with a solution, I am going to start dating a woman who has a dog, preferably a gold labrador retriever with a friendly disposition. I can see some of you scowling, at least I'm not planning on using her for sex. This would be a beneficial relationship for the three of us; me, her and rover. I think I should begin drafting my must have a dog personal ad right now, wish me luck!

I was reading this article in a scientific journal that posed the theory that, it is not that we forget things over time, it's just that we are unable to recall them. I've noticed that even though I forget alot of things like everyone else, in my mind I tend to like alot of things and that helps me recall somethings I was never even thinking about in the first place. I was online and I saw a picture of a comic called Secret Six, the next thought that came in mind was Secret Seven and after that the next thing I remembered was the name of the author of the Secret Seven, Enid Blyton. I was not a big fan of her books but I do remember that in primary school the library had quite a few of her books for the younger students. I guess the big lesson here is that if you want to remember something easily, associate something with it so recall will become a whole lot easier. Thats my PSA message for today.

I have decided to take a break from highlighting fashion disasters to instead sharing some funny cartoons I found online.

The cartoon above is funny to me because many techno songs are actually that repetitive! If you have the first 30 secs you have the whole song! Have a nice weekend people!


31337 said...

wacha techno alone. hehee. the repetitivenessness of the songs is what i like about them, and now that the free sample is sufficient to recreate the entire song. :-) how are you doing aco?

Eclipse said...

Aco u are a wierd one! for real! and that use of 'da' is soooooooo shady but thats just me.

that techno joke is crazyyyyyyy! hahahhahahahahahah!

drama post????

hebu return those pics bana..thay made our weeks and days....

Shiko-Msa said...

The repetitiveness is soooooo true! Lol.

Shiko-Msa said...

yeah Enid Blyton of Secret Seven. Was she the same one who used to author Famous Five? I read lots of those before I graduated to Mills and Boon and Harlequin Presents.

I so hear you on the da thing. Among all the slang, da is particularly annoying. And of course it leads to dat - like dat person. We had a lengthy discussion about it some weeks back and I can assure you you're not alone.

Wish you luck on the lady with a dog.

gishungwa said...

i love the kamasutra one, explains the back pain.

Acolyte said...

@ 31337
Lmao you must have created a song or two right? Mambo sawa everyday grind tu.
@ eclipse
I see I am not alone. As for the series and the pics they shall be coming back soonest!
@ shiko-msa
Yes secret seven and famous five were both her books. I see you are from the old school when people actually read books.
Well you should wish me luck with the dog that comes with the lady, sigh. I know someone will call me out for that.
@ gish
Awwwwwww I see you have been trying new things. Good luck with that.

Mo said...

I loved Enid Blyton as a child; FF and SS were just too cool (back then).

Apparently, her books were once banned in some libraries due to her 'limited use of language'. She replied by saying that she wasn't interested in the views of any critic aged over 12.

Shot down! LOL

Acolyte said...

@ Mo
You would be amazed at how many "wars" have been fought in libraries, apparently the issue of who controls what kids read is a hot button issue in the West.