Friday, January 30, 2009

Another Fun Week Come To An End.........

Anyone who knows me is well aware that I do not tolerate chic flicks. So I am not going to watch "He's Not That Into You" but even so, the viral video that was made for it was somewhat hilarious

Okay as I move on, let me issue this disclaimer: We are all beautiful! Now that I have that off my chest. I find it funny how the world both loves and hates beautiful people. Many beautiful people always complain about how they cannot find real friends or how everyone dislikes them. Beauty can be a great asset but can also be a great weakness. It can be argued where nature doesn't give you brains, it gives you beauty; but that's a whole other discussion.
So how can beauty be a weakness? Well beauty can get someone almost everything and everywhere. But that there is where the weakness lies, without even knowing it, this asset slowly but surely erodes someones' character. This is not to say that there are no beautiful people with character but why do people act in shock whenever they meet a beautiful person who has great character? One compliment given to beautiful women behind their backs is that they have an ugly girl's personality, this of course means that they are accommodative, outgoing and interesting (of course we all know some bitter, recluse and selfish ugly people but that's another post). One thing I have noticed is that beautiful people are rarely ever challenged intellectually by other people, I have been in a setting where this hot girl once said something that was so ludicrous that it would have most people rolling on the ground in laughter but instead the dudes listening to her were listening to her and nodding their heads like they were in the company of Socrates. This is of course how we end up with blondes and meatheads. It's similar to how beautiful people are often rubbish in bed, this is because they will always have people wanting to sleep with them just so they can claim to have done it.
On a serious note, I do have a close friend whose sister is having a nervous breakdown, why? The sister has very good looks and has used them to get what she wants in life. But she is getting older now and her looks are fading, so she is having a mid life crisis of sorts. Her looks define her and now as they are leaving, she doesn't know who she is.
This is not to say that there are not beautiful people out there who have character, indeed there are; they may not be a majority but they exist. Evolution and character development is interesting like that. Also why is it that the chic who is always loudly proclaiming that you can have both brains and looks doesn't have much of both? (cue women hating accusations here)

I have a problem I need help with, I have Tabiosis. This is a disorder characterized by the use of myriad tabs while using any given internet browser, the user may also resort to using multiple browsers on one machine to indulge the urge to view as many websites on the internet as possible. This progresses to not turning off their computer so as to leave tabs open for later viewing. Should anyone of any treatment available I would be most appreciative.

Before you do something questionable, please visit this page.

Anyway I'm off for the weekend. I'll be crying while laughing as I watch tv and some movies this weekend (see video above for reference). Adios!


venus said...

I always get amazed when women use their looks to get ahead especially with the men, and even get more amazed at the men for falling for it because sincerely, looks can only get you so far.

And like you said, they tend to fade, so what happens?
All in all, this has been the case since time immemorial, and the vicious cycle continues.

Enjoy the weekend.

Nubian Queen said...

Happy New year ma bruh from anaa!! Well well i see some change up in here. Yes we can 08!...looks like we did!

Speaking of looks. Ahem! this hits close to home.. haha lemme stop.
@ Venus How exactly does one use beauty to get ahead?? Please explain further for last time i checked, it lies in the hands of the beholder so if anything its the hypnotized subject allowing themselves to fall for this women and give them certain positions that they dont qualify for...why blame her for being sexy??

..and they say the beautiful are not yet born...

Digzer said...

Now come on Lyte & Venus! What really is wrong with using your looks to get what you want? I bet you've done it too. That smile at that guy to let you by in traffic, that grateful nod at the lady behind the counter who was considering closing the till, that laugh at the stale joke of the person who was causing for you ... come on now ... admit it.

As the Queen says, its in the eye of the beholder and if the beholder will let you get away with something they otherwise wouldn't have, why not go for it? There is a difference between using your looks and sleeping your way around.

Just my thoughts.

Acolyte said...

@ Venus
Its an everyday thing that hardly moves me to be honest.
Men are visual so we shall always fall for a hot woman. I most def had a good weekend.
@ nubian queen
Long time no hear gal! Yes change is a must and then some!
Lmao @ don't blame the playa...
@ digzer
Hey! I see you are getting the ladies to confess their sins. I'd say a smile does less harm than a quickie on the boss' desk.

Anonymous said...

ha ha that vid is funny, as for using the looks, reminds me of Seinfeld episode, even after she dumped jerry, he was still feeding her cat and shit..Simping unparalleled


bomseh said...

Beauty and brains. I have reason to believe that it exists though rarely, and what a dangerous combination.

neema divine said...

i also hate chic flicks. interesting points on beauty, i couldnt agree more. as for the girl who is having a nervous breakdown...sad.

Mo said...

You know the funny thing? The nice and personable stunningly beautiful knockout from my uni class was also top in every exam throughout the four years. Those are the people you just look at and realise they're set for life (Godwilling).