Friday, July 16, 2004

A lot of uneccesary work!

What I do with myself from 9 - 5 is web design. Anyway our overall supervisor is a total dumbass who knows jack about graphic or web design. So the designers here turn ideas into concepts ( pictures ) and I turn those into web pages.
anyway the main big guy takes forver to make up his mind and perfect work is always being tweaked and redone.Add a supervisor who also makes stupid additions and these designers work forever so I have quite a bit of free time.
Anyway I dunno how but the super convinces the main guy that he should see the whole site done.Even though a few templates as usual would work comes up.To make it worse he wants them done as pics so all that work has to be done in photoshopand fireworks.These are graphics applications that can be crashed by too much text.So I am called in too irregardless of the fact I am not a graphic designer to do alot of work I know nothing about.I have gotten home at 11.30 pm the last 2 days.

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