Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Sleeping can be tiring

Yesterday I was checking out this site on stuff like astral travel and lucid dreams.Anyway I used to have lucid dreams which is basically being aware/awake in your dream and being able to do stuff as oppossed to the usual kind of dream where you are a spectator.
So I do some light meditation before bed-time something I am trying to make a daily habit if I am to make any progress whatsoever.So I can only focus for 10 mins now,that may seem brief but when you slow down your mind 10 mins feels like 50 mins.
Anyhow I have this really interesting dream amd the most interesting thing is that it's a dream.Meaning I wake up and I find that I'm dreaming!Crazy huh?guess I'll see waht happens tonight.
the only thing is that I'm feeling kind of run down and it's just morning.I'm also trying to watch Carlito's Way, an Al Pacino classic.due to my poor attention span I'm going to watch it in like 4 parts.Well let's see what goes down later.

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Chrystal said...

Hey, I found this blogger by clicking one of my interests...Spawn, and guess what your newest post is about? Astral traveling, one of my biggest interests. What site were you looking at? I have had a few experiences and practice regularly.

Lucid dreaming is definitely fun, although I wish it would happen more. What was your itneresting dream about? I hope you give an update on tonight!