Monday, July 12, 2004

another week

Another week begins.Had an interesting let's call it exchange with a pal who gives me a ride home after the church meetings I usually go this friday we were covering outreach and such.Have you ever had one of those moments of clarity, you know where everything seems to move in slow motion but you're still in real-time and some revaltaion comes to you.Well it is at that point that I realised that I felt nothin whatsoever for this out-reach issue.
I realised that Church is not the thing for me given the revalations that have come to me.I noted that I now have a much wider reaching holistic view of god.I believe that the best analogy is that god is like a chameleon whom men saw at diffrent times of the day so one saw it as red,another orange and another I no longer believe in one main religion,what I believe is that there is a right religion for everyone.As a result I am also tapering down my church attendance,I realised that church was not doing much for me socially or spiritually.A
Anyway so i tell her about my new view and plans as she is giving me a ride home.I told her that she would see me in around 3 months time.Needless to say she was not too amused and held the usual christian views,one god,Jesus blah blah blah....
She said that the conversation was not over but I doubt we'll continue.I'll still hang around with christians socially but this is a walk I have put off way too long.I must complete it no matter what the cost.I do not want to live a life with any regrets.I have procrastinated too many things in my life, this is not another one.

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