Friday, July 16, 2004

Still at work!

It's 9 pm and I am still in the office.After being chewed out for doing work I was not meant to be doing badly I am now back to html work but low level testing designed pages.Ooooh exciting.Need to edit or something.
Anyway at least they bought us diner I had a large chicken pizza.Took only 3 slices will save the rest for home.I have realised that my psyke for meat is slowly waning I will be vegetarian in no time.Otherwise i hope i am not needed in the office tommorrow.I want to buy a starter Tarot book.The big guy is here reviewing progress I am not even listening to them as I really don't exist in the big scheme of things unless I assert my presence.Oh life we never get a brake.
I hope I am not too tired to lucid dream tonight I need a brake.I think I will start receeding into a shell all this drama is getting to me. 

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LifeMoments said...

Trust me by going back to your self-made shell, thats when the issues you are trying to run away will fish you out.

And funny enough have you ever discovered we become more lonely in our shells than we thougth we would be in the outside world.