Friday, July 09, 2004

Friday Baby!!!!

Last day of the week!Woo Hoooo!!!!I always get like this at the end of the day.Friday night plans?None whatsoever, I'm planning on just kicking back and maybe playing a little PS 2.Despite all the money I have spent on it and games I rarely play it anymore guess it's also due to the fact that after looking at one screen the whole day it is hard to do the same in the evening.
i'm getting kind of sleepy.I've been listening to chill out music the whole day.It's really cool if you want to relax your mind or even meditate.I've just written a c.d today going to use it for meditation today.
Now where was I?don't you just hate it when you want to say something but forget it at the material moment?
There's this meeting I used to go to at church every friday.Young Adults ( YA ) where people would go to hang out and discuss life's issues and be ministered to, but with my new focus I don't think we are compatible anymore.Besides which I never really felt comfortable so friday is my new chillout day.
Saw an ad for classes in pranic healing, I think it's worth a look.I wonder what it's all about, i know about prana ( also known as chi ) but I want to see how this technique works.
It's been so long since I have done uch typing my carpals always strat aching when my post gets this long so adios...

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