Saturday, January 29, 2005

2 days on...

So I was telling you about my boy whose chic was leaving.
the chic is from sweden and was going back to grad school
in Norway.She came to do her paper here and was affiliated to my boys organisation so he decided not to let a good thing pass.
Anyway she's gone now and my boy is both happy and sad coz one no more strokes on the tap but on the other hand he doesn't have to be with her 24-7.Anyone who has ever rolled with an odiero chic will tell you that if they are not with you they want to know where you are and with whom and that really does not jazz tha average miro jamaa.So he's back on the market to make things worse with jungu chic they really do not mind doing 50-50 bills on dates as opposed to most miro chics who expect you to pay the bill most of the time.Anyway that's one problem with Kenyan chics most of them only want equality when it suits them.Oh well you can't have it all.

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