Friday, January 28, 2005

Goalie Problems

Anyone of you watch the match between Man U and Chelsea on Wednesday?It was disgusting to see Chelsea beat Man U.I mean I am a complete kophead but I was rooting for Man U all the way.I mean Abramohovic has basically bought the premiereship and the ccups.Look at it this way there are 4 contenders for the title.Arsenal,Man U and the 2 Chelsea teams.Didn't the freekick that Howard made a right mess of remind you of a certain freekick Ronaldinho scored against England in the World Cup?Anyhow I have always thought he was an unstable goalie.
Otherwise my pal's gal is leaving so gotta take em to the airport.
PS:Someone tell me why women are always moaning about getting that good man then go ahead to hook up with some total bastards altogether?Ever notice some of the longest lasting relationships are the ones where the chic is being treated like crap?Women go figure.


Mshairi said...

You were rooting for Man U because every Liverpool supporter thinks Liverpool has a better chance of thrashing Man U than beating Chelsea on the 22nd. Admit it :)

Regarding relationships, I cannot imagine staying with a man who treats me badly. This is my experience and the experience of most of my friends.

Acolyte said...

Well with my limited knowledge I have always seen that what women say and do are two different things!