Thursday, January 27, 2005

The Heat!

The weather in Nai has become unbearable!We now have this sun that just saps your strength away.The only advantage is that we do not have to deal with pot-holes turned into swimming pools that come up when it rains.
Oh a chic who broke my heart a few years back who's in the States now got in touch with me.She was a classic case of when bad women happen to good men, at least I learned that good duys finish last.
Anyway more on that later.What she managed to get paged when she was here and when she got to stato she got married to an old jamaa and they divorced within no time.So she was telling me that she is at that stage where she would like to hook up with someone she was a friend with coz this love thing don't seem to be working.Well sounds to me like she has been beat down by life.she also would really like me to visit when i go to the States for grad school but I am in no hurry.
I was discussing this with my pal.So many women say they want a "good man", what is a "good man"?I would really like to know.

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Nyakehu said...

Hi please don't moan about the weather because there is somewhere in this world where it is -700 Celsius

The second part is that a good man is not a stereotype what could be good for Ms.A may not be for Ms.X a good man is one who in my opinion is caring,kind,funny,sexy understands the myth about ying and yangs. He also has to have a sensitive side and still be macho. Now this good man does not exist except in my overactive imagination and I as a woman do not really know what a good man ought to be. For the good man is also a contradiction!!!