Sunday, February 27, 2005


Just thought i would let u ppl know that I am still here.Went for a concert yesterday.It was Abbi performing, his music is what oyu would call Afro-fusion for lack of anither name.It was really nice you feel like you got your moneys' worh as the band plays real instruments not like the usual hip-hop wannabes who just lipsync over a track.I went with an old workmate a very nice gal.One of the few chics I know who have what I call wife potentail.Not that she is homely or anything on the contrary she is pretty and has a straight head on her shoulders.
after that we hung out and I took her back to her place and then went clubbin with some pals.I decided to change the pint that I drink so I was not getting high fast which was a good thing.Hooked up with some gal but I really didn't want jack from her which made the whole thing fun while onb the ohter hand the other boy I was with was trying everything to hook up with her.He exposed his hand way to early in th egame so he screwed himself over.Half of the time we were laughing at him with the chic behind his back.I know it ain't nice but it was funy as he was making a fool of himself and he is a punk at times.To make his life harder I completely refused to step aside for him.Anyway that's how the game goes.I\m supposed to meet her for a pint next week but we'll see how it goes.
Ya'll be good now!

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