Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Decided to go to A VCT centre for a HIV test by the way ever wondered why people call it an HIV test?just sounds wrong to me.Anyway I have already done one of these tests before.For me it was kind of a formality you see I am at one with myself at most times so I would know at a basse level if there was something wrong with me.Also I do not sleep around and I have never had unprotected sex.
The counsellor must have thought I was really cocky as I knew most of the stuff she knew but I do research and I do plan to work in Public Health.
Anyhow I also plan to go to either Australia or U.S so best know if there is anyhting wrong.It was good to know I'm healthy.But people out there stay safe and don't play games, it would be a shame to die over a shag.

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