Sunday, February 27, 2005


Remember those guys I was raving with earlier and I had beef with one of them.Well I met the dude the other day and the guy was like really apologetic and stuff.not that I was really moved but I do not hold grudges as it is a waste of time and you really have to do something bad for me to use hate on you.I mean there are better things to do with your emotions.
So anyway I go on the rave and the dude and the other pal tag along.They insist on buying some spirits to boost them, thing is tha ti do not do spirits esp when driving so that was their thing.
So we get to the hanyee and me being the wise one I leave them to their own thing. I start small talk with this chic no too fly but fun to talk to.what made things even more intersting is that there was jack I wanted from her so hey no pressure.So it seems the moody pal is having a dry spell so he insists on bruting on my game.thing is that he is talking way too much so the gal really isn't listening so we're laughing about it whenever he strolls off; yeah that sounds mean but he was high anyway.At one point he wsa telling me to shift and I Was like no way.Then he even "whispers" into my ear that he wants to take the chic home.Of course she heard and told me that he really was not whispering but that's how that game goes everyone has dry her number but I don't think I"ll call her she ain't my type, back to the sea she goes

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