Sunday, February 27, 2005

Mr Liverpool My Ass!

If you watched the Carling Cup Finla you must have seen "Mr Liverpool" Stevie G screw us over with an own goal after which Chelsea rallied and beat us.It was so upsetting I'm not going to say much.It's now that I realise how much we miss Xabi Alonso.Liverpool was more complete in the middle of the park with him there.If Stevie goes to Chelsea he will not be missed, rumour is that Milan Baros too may leave well he is now a first team regular and is really not delivering.Let's hope at least we make it to the final 8 of champions League
Btw: Readings were taken during the final and the cheers from the Liverpool fans were the loudest ever recorded in a stadium so at least it's official the kop fans are the loudest ever!

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DownUnder said...

My last comment for the day. Those little s*@ts calling themselves Liverpool players (I generalise) have me totally disenchanted and right now I'm off the bandwagon and happy to be "walking alone".