Wednesday, February 09, 2005

A long road ahead

The Kenyan football team Harambee Stars were whipped 5-1 by Morocco this week.People ask me why I watch the U.K premier leaguw and that match could say more then 10000 words.
I mean after seeing the way the second goal was conceded by the goalie committing a school boy error.He let a simple shot slip through his hands into the goal I said enuff was enough and got back to what I was watching on telly.
Kenya's soccer development is like 20 something years behind our European and even North African mates due to rampant corruption and poor management.Kenyans have this annoying habit of politicising everything as even soccer elections are political affairs with M.Ps throwing their lot in with various contenders.
Well at least I get to see Everton hit by Chelsea
this weekend!

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