Sunday, February 06, 2005


Met some pals of mine on sato and we decided to go for some pints and the rave.One of the pals i was meeting had been at the joint since one.You've got to give some people marks.Our Swedish pal was also coming.Anyway we got to talking and one pf my other pals' chic pals introduced herself to him and crushed me off.Not that i wanted to talk to her.But it got me to telling him the way here her has like 50% of the work done before he even talks to a mama but he told me what he gets is usually 150% worse then what i get which does make sense as the chics who would go for him are usually after only one thing.
At the hanyee met another mama i used to be in colle with tried to get my groove on but she was with her pal who was abit high and had just met a jamaa so she had to look afer her so i could not derail.shoulda carried a crow bar with me.

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