Thursday, February 10, 2005

Watch your mouth

If you follow the local news you must be aware of all the drama that has been caused by the British High Commissioners'
comments on the inabilty or rather reluctance of the government to deal with corruption.but the best side show came from
the constitutional affairs minister Kiraitu Murungi who likened to the pushing by the British government to "raping a
willing woman" and to make things worse he laughed about it ( alone though).Meaning that the government were going to
do something about it and did not need to be pushed into it.Needless to say the women were not very amused and the
following day a group from womens' rights organisations stormed into his office to demand an apology and leave a
letter of protest.Of course the wise chap was not there.We'll wait and see how this press.He a
pologised one day later.

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