Thursday, February 03, 2005

Shyness cont....

Just met a gal I started talking to on the fly yesterday.I had met her like 3 weeks or so ago even got her I texted her or whatever the past tense of that is and she didn't reply.With the price of voice calls in Kenya nowadays I reserve voice calls to important situations, chics with whom i feel things may be goin somewhere and the usual "ukp wapi?" phone calls.
Anyway met her at the neighbourhood cyber.Interesting thing with chics immediately you act not interested they start up she starts telling me she got my text and the way she has been too broke to even text back ( oh please if I have to meet you to know that you got my text need I send it also there is credit for a sock (100 bob) nowadays ).So I'm like cool and she tells me tha way she is preparing for a new jobo and the way she has to learn stuff like putting a newsletter together.So I tell her the way she's got to get to terms with software like pagemaker,photoshop and stuff.And true to the brute that I am I tell her that she should look for a good comp college and look at their work before she registers.At that point she asks me whether I know how to use those programs to which I answer yes,which is kinda true but my knowledge of pagemaker is spotty at best but it's like a glorified word if you are serious and have the time you can learn it;I mean I taught myself everything I know in terms of web design.Anyhow I'm derailing myself so she asks me to teach her and I say cool so we are to hook up soon.Shame is I'm not really attracted to her so this will be strictly business.

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