Thursday, February 03, 2005

single mothers

I have a firm policy when it comes to single mothers...just say no!
I just met a pal who just reinforced my point.The guy was in the States and was living in a frat.Thing is that life was so wild in this frat and bot needs to read.So he looks for a place to stay.So at the uni noticeboards there was this age old notice asking for a single white female tenant.Since it had been there for so long boy sees "why the hell not?"
So he steps up to the house and seems that the room is still vacant all those months on.And he explains himself and asks for a short trial period,since mami needs the K for her and her young kid she agrees.All goes well.Before the mami takes a shine to the boy and he's shagging.Well ya'll know how odiero's spoil their kids.and since the kid was no longer the center of attention they aren't to pleased and start raising hell.So my pal just used to give the kid lip that's all.
So one day the bot is shagging the mami so you know what the kid does?He calls 911!"Saying my mum is moaning and there is this man on top of her!"So the cops come flying in and knock the door down, they find this nigger shagging their blondie.What they did is kick ass first ask questions later.You think it's over?Hell no!One day the kid just decideds to act the fool spectacularly so boy slaps the kid round the head.You know what happened next?Yes you guessed it another ass kicking from the 5.0.Boy sees this is too much and throws a case at the cops.They counter by saying they will throw child molestation charges at him.You are an African accused of molesting a white kid what do you do?Yes you drop the case.
Racial issues aside 3/4 of this trouble was from the kid.Single mums tend to spoil their kids wherever in the world you are.And the idea of ready family hell no!I would rather grow into a family.The kid will always be an issue and so will be the dad if he intends on being a part of the family.
A pal of mine was once told by the kid of a single mum he was dating,"I don't have to do what you tell me,you're not my dad!,"To which he responded "That's why I'm not buying you shit!"Needless to say that didn't last long.
Anyway I could go on but I know a roasting is coming from all ya'll.

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