Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Poor Poor Arsenal!

Arsenal got their asses handed to 'em on Tuesday!Well Man U are now 3 for 3 this season.Well all Arse-nal fans please cover the 2 on the Oxygen logo on your shirts and that's what you got!
And the way the drama began even before kick off with Vieira trying to intimidate Gary Neville before kick off.Guess this was due to the way the Neville brothers tackled Reyes out of the last game with a series of bone crushing tackles.What about Ronaldo's celebrations?Running towards the Aresenal fans with his finger over his mouth basically telling the London crowds to hush.This is what footall is meant to be!You know close to the good old Liverpool vs Everton derbies that used to get so heated that it was once considered not screening them as they were soiling the name of soccer.Unlike nowadays most teams aren't playing for heart but for Champions' League places and other honours.
Oh btw: Morientes has finally opened his scoring account.Let's hope it stays opened.

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