Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Women and blogging

I passed through the list of Kenyan blogs.the list is on the links bar on the lower right hand of the page.Anyway I have noticed that is seems that more women/gals blog at least on the Kenyan list then guys.Why is this?I know that women do talk more but if we look at journalism they sure do not write more.Or is it that since most of them are out of Kenya they need ppl to talk to?Let me know what you think.
btw:removed the restriction on comments to blogspot members now anyone can post,but please do not talk shiite.


Diary of A Rich Shopaholic said...

I think you raise a good question and it goes beyond the issue of Kenyan women.

I never noticed it before you mentioned it but there are a lot more women blogging than I would have thought of given the stereotypes of computer users men vs women percentages.

Maybe it is because women are culturally conditioned, at least in the U.S. to think of writing diaries and blogging is a bit like that.

Blogging is different though, because it is very, very public, and that side of it appeals to the male ego - so you get both sides blogging.

I am new to blogging too. You are blogging in a world forum and you may run into people with different attitudes than your own about people, dating, culture, lots of things, but don't look on that as a bad thing or take them as an attack.

Attitudes change as we age, and as we encounter new people, and new ideas. Some of our ideas are confirmed and made stronger. Some are changed radically and reversed, especially when exposed to a world view rather than the friends you hang with.

The fact that you are blogging and reaching out into the world is a big step. A really big step. The great thing about the internet is that you will run into people who have lots of things in common with you and lots of differences.

But they are all there to learn from and experience, just by searching and reading and this I find very cool. How else would a guy from Chicago get to write to a guy from Kenya that he will probably never meet?

I recommend that you get a free hit counter like the one on my blog. That is how I knew that you, or someone who had visited your site had visited my blog. It will not only count how many visitors your blog has had, but give you an idea of where they came from.

Very cool.

Good luck man.

Oh, at 26 this may sound lame, when all you seem to want is to hook up, but there is an author in the U.S. named John Gottman who writes about relationships and why they work and fail who is terrific. If you have a library that carries one of his books I highly recommend him.

Don't worry about the fact that he writes a lot about marriage. That's what he studied, clinically for 20 years, the stuff he covers is good for all kinds of relationships, friends, parents, team mates, co-workers, lovers.

Really good stuff.

Good luck.


Diary of A Rich Shopaholic said...

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