Thursday, September 08, 2005


Thank God the week is almost over.I have to start sleeping early.These tabias of staying up late to watch Comedycentral are stopping me from sleeping early and I end up tired half of the day.So apart from weekend it is bedtime at 11pm or earlier so i can be up early too!
The akataa students are having a bash today at 11pm - 2am so lazima i will pitia.I find the club hours here so short but the good thing I noticed is that many of the African clubs are not in the city so they can have extended hours.
Oh here is something funny that I came across on the net:
Drunk woman dies in cemetery accident

Sep 7, 11:24 AM (ET)

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - An inebriated Belgian woman died in a freak accident when she ended up beneath a heavy grave stone at a cemetery, local news agency Belga said Wednesday.

The 33-year-old was on her way home from a bar in the Belgian town of Pulle in the early hours of Saturday when she took a short cut through the cemetery.

But she urgently needed to relieve herself and crouched down between two gravestones. As she lost her balance, she grabbed one of the stones which gave way and landed on top of her.

The public prosecutor's office said she died of suffocation as she was unable to lift the heavy stone.

Lesson of the day that every African knows.....Do not fuck with the dead!

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Milonare said...

Auuuwu... The dead were on her like a ton of brick!!!