Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Weekend over

Well a long weekend comes to an end.On Saturday night went to a club in midtown ATL with my sis and her pal.Those clubs do nothing for me but I was not seeing myself swatching.In that club seats are sparse unless you can afford to pay for VIP section.What I saw that was interesting is that so many jungu chicks dance like strippers with an invisible pole and there is this move with the ass all jungu jamaas know.Is there some special school for this after high school?Anyway the next night went to a Kenyan BBQ and a Kenyan club.My sister is the kind of gal who sees herself as uptown and does not bother with Kenyans much she prefers to roll with the local jungus and europeans.I do not mind jungus much but unlike my sis I've had to hustle so at heart I'm from the streets.So I do like to get in touch with Kenyans when I can and catch pints.
The joint we went to was more like what I was used to back home ie lots of seats,pool tables and a dance floor that was not too big.And as usual the favoured choice of drink was the green bottle ie heiniken.My hostess who incidentally is one of those chics who I mentioned in my earlier post is one of those gals who love their drink and can really derail your woman esp if you have been sitting on here.So far 2 of her gal pals who we were catching pints with jana have left their hubbies or been thrown out.But despite that she is still good company I think one reason we get along is that we are both pragmatic and bila time for mingi issues.Anyway just saw this in the standard so it has kumbushad me that I have a chapter to read in one of my text books.No time to fail and be shipped out.Also I was schooled about the failings of many Kenyans huku.Will share but books are calling.

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Milonare said...

Is this the same chickdee you had been communicating with from Nai? Details my guy, details!!!!