Friday, September 09, 2005

Hakuna Kulala!

For those of you who are fans of bongo music from TZ that is the refrain of a song by Sir Nature, one of bongo's well loved wasanii.I was just thinking of the way I have this ability to sleep at the wrong times and comfortably at that.There was a time I used to have an appetite for sleep mpaka I thought I was sick.But I changed my diet and began to do yoga and other excercise and that curbed it.
I have slept in churches ( in fact that was the main thing i used to do in church ),jobo ( well what to do when I had no work ), at the wheel ( only happened once and alcohol contributed,thank GOD for passengers ),during lectures ( even during morning lectures - jeez what was I doing at night ),on buses, in the hanyee, luckily not when I'm shagging.Hell I'm even sleeping right now!
Speaking of that do ya'll remember when Mwiraria read a budget that was so long mpaka 85% of the MPs swatched?But Gideon Moi stayed awake and was laughing at them.That was funny.


Milonare said...

Had a near death incident sleeping behind the wheel. Nowadays I make sure I get enough sleep ama someone else is driving!!!

Milonare said...
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gishungwa said...

tell me anbout it got exams and other stresses you'd think hte more the stress the less the swatch huh! wrong actually the more the swatch pass the cure as soonas you find out.
thanks for passing by