Monday, September 26, 2005


Got back an assignment that I thought I had not done very well only to find that I had a B in it.Anyway it is not my fault that I did it badly, it's the lecturers but that is a story for another day.What has made me wonder is that there is this akataa chic I share classes with.She is the one who took me to Walmart when plan A failed.So when we met there was a paper that she was to read and react to and had not done so.I on the other hand was not suppossed to read it but for the sake of intellectual satisfaction decided to do so ( But do I say ).So she wanted a hand, seeing that this is stato I did not want to risk expulsion by giving her my opinions what I did was to underline the key points and give her some maoni coz she saw a 10 page paper was too long to read.So I did that and explained the basic premise and we parted ways.So the paper was due today and I ask her to give it to me so I can take a look.Ai!Maajabu!The mama has basically more or less replicated what the author has said and not given any maoni or rather the few views she gave could not count as views.I almost wanted to tell her to re-do it as the prof said that he wanted it next week and not this week, but since I am trying to jipangia I kept quiet.Made me wonder about the quality of education here, and she was a Biology major as an undergrad.Just realised that I have a paper kesho and I have not read jack!So I have to run.

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Beziq said...

Am sorry about that, sometimes the lecturers take it out on us when they have their own social problems...some not all. Yes!!! thats how I feel. How was your paper?