Tuesday, September 27, 2005

What song am I?

Just did an interesting quiz on-line.Got the link from a fellow blogger.Its says what kind of person I am but is the kind of thing that I do not take seriously.
Army of Me
You're "Army of Me". Energetic and full
of angst, sometimes you're just truly mad at
the world and want to do justice. Stand back,

Which Bjork Song Are You (complete)?
brought to you by Quizilla
Interesting thing is that only 1% of the takers got this result.Damn I'm special.Anyway back to the books!


Nakeel said...

Yieeepeee 1st one here.. mmh i took it too will post what i am later.... its cool..
Fab day in class....

Milonare said...

Sema Aco

Im an "All is full of love". Did the thing from Kipepeos...

Your a ka-cold brutha LOLOL must be the way u mistreat chiles refusing to shock pinto LOLOLOL

These things are usually a bunch of crap though...

Acolyte said...

nakeel!congrats.Your prize will be any of these pieces of memorabilia from the apartment of the acolyte
1.A signed empty box of 12 pack cokes
2.A half full bottle of bacardi
3.1 tusker can
4.An unopened jar of toss
-Remember shipping and handling are separate.