Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Advice columnist

Guest poster Instigator here, The Acolyte was too boring to come up with anything today so he gave me free reign......

I think I lost my boyfriend but I don't know what happened. He was really successful and I just starting out as a dental hygienist. He took me to two really nice restaurants and he was just so sweet to me. He wasn't anything like the construction worker guys I usually date. I think he was into computers or something. We went on three dates and I really liked him, but he just stopped calling. I tried to email him but I got no response. I don't know what went wrong, we seemed good together. The only thing I can think of is that I told him we would never have sex, but you are supposed to say that so they don't want it right away. None of this makes sense because our last conversation didn't give me any clues he wasn't interested. - Heather


You are a complete idiot. You find a successful guy and he takes you out three times? You really like him but insist there will never be sex? It seems your boyfriend was very interested until you insisted there would never be sex. Generally if you tell a guy there will NEVER be sex, he'll thank you for being honest and find a woman who IS interested in sex.

Sex is important to a man. Men need regular orgasms as much as women need to menstruate. It is a normal physiological function. Telling a man he will never have sex with you is like telling him you don't like him and don't want to see him anymore. Your man left you behind because he didn't want just nice conversation and buying you expensive dinners. This isn't the 1880s. There are no more 2-3 year courtships before sex. Just remember when you tell a guy there will NEVER be any sex, that will probably be your last meeting.

- I am sure that some of you ladies out there are scoffing and saying, "It just shows that he was interested in her just for sex!" No he was not, he was interested in her first but you must understand that when a man dates a woman key word being dating, sex is not always the first thing on his mind but in his mind it is an inevitability and is lurking somewhere in the back of his mind.If a man wanted to spend time with a woman and not get laid he would go for group activities with his workmates,family and friends and not waste his time and money dating you,calling you and buying gifts.If you don't intend to put out in any way at all in the unforseen future stop wasting a man's time and go hang out with your girlfriends,male friends and family.What is dating other then a glorified mating dance?

Disclaimer: The views of the poster above are in no ways those of the Acolyte and endorsed by the management of this blog and blogspot.


Who Else? Scrumptious! said...

LOL.....yaani, after reading the post, all that caught my attention was the disclaimer!

Aco.....ooppss the instigator, you is nuts! tihihihihihi!

Brother Jero (BJ) said...

From a dude's stand point, Sex is indeed very important BUT it's not the main reason why we date. It sure does cross our minds every second we are together and we imagine all the many ways we could make out and we do undress you everytime we see you. I swear it.. let noone cheat you.

Ladies nevertheless make good friends too, professional & business partners.

As for your guy here, take a walk and forget him if that's all he wants, he needs lessons on how to be a little patient and act like Sex is not anywhere in the radar. Understanding the female specie is an art.

Instigator said...

Dear bro Jero
The gentleman up there did not have sex as his primary agenda but the fact that he was dating her meant that it would have become an issue at some point in time.If it wasnt he would not have been dating her but they would have hung out as pals.Women do make good biz partners and friends and you seem to have misread the story he did not mention sex at all!It was the gal who did, that shows that she has enuff issues on her part.You seem to have alot of time and money to waste with women on things that are going nowhere, you must bet the male friend all women love!Understanding women is impossible!

Keguro said...


isn't it obvious

Dear Heather,

he was gay or you made him gay, no doubt telling him about opening mouths and cleaning teeth.

He had issues with dental hygiene.

He wanted a woman who could talk in code and whose memory worked.


mutumia said...

@keguro: Bwahahahahahahahahahah!!!

Keguro is a damn nut I swear.

I even forgot my comment

Instigator said...

@ Keguro
Thank you for making me aware of the oral fixation of gay people, you are indeed a fountain of knowledge!I am sure you have been of great help to many of your girlfriends in their time of need.
@ Mutumia
He is indeed certifiable.Since you seem to have a bad short term memory I guess the gentleman in the story wouldnt choose you.Sorry...

Farmgal said...

aco dear do you agree with the post or not?
Honestly if you start dating anyone thinking of how you will have good sex. chances are you will only go as far as the bedroom.
It really is an art understanding women, but an art that's easy to master.

Acolyte said...

@ farmgal
I try not to talk about The Instigator's work.When I say things that he doesnt like he makes life impossible for me.I agree with you on your point even though I dont think it really figures in that case.I agree with The Instigator that women are impossible for men to understand.