Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Back to school

Nights spent in different clubs and lounges in and around ATL -$200

Buying enough food and assorted groceries to enable me to go into a 2 month hermitage -$100

MP3 player with capacity for several thousand songs -$200

Winter coat,various jackets,1 sweater,2 pairs of jeans,1 pair of shoes,1 airbed and a christmas gift for my mum - still doing the math

Thinking you had an extra couple of hundred extra dollars in your account only to realise that the leasing office took their time to cash your Jan rent check - a couple of hundred $$$

Finding out coz of unplanned spending I am $200 in arrears to the school for my fees......


Anyway got back to school fine.Have a new room mate, seems like a nice chap as long as he doesnt eat my food!I knew my schedule was back when I saw the jogger!He's the dude I used see everyday on my way to work.

My mum left today.I wished her a good journey.Before I left to come here she talked to us as a family and said how it was good for her to see us all together.She talked about making a will since unlike most Africans she knows she is not immortal and will have to die someday.I think that is what broke my big sis and from the 411 she talked to my mum till 3am today morning.I think she decided to make up for not talking to her for the 2 months she was here.So for those of you who put it in prayer...Thanks!
Now back to pretending to work..........


Msanii_XL said...

seeing my first Namba..in 06..priceless.

Stop pretending to work..yu are bum this we know...he he I jest

mutumia said...

LOL @ jogger- yaani that guy is a school almanac and a watch too?!

When's your birthday?

Acolyte said...

@ msanii
back on point i can see.....
@ mutumia
And i thot that winter would slow him down.wapi!As for b-day mine is April 17th.What about you?