Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I went for my class yesterday and today morning, unceremoniously dropped it!Why?First of all we were only 4 people in the class an arrangement that I abhor.As a young lad I hated private tuition, all that attention on me for close to 3 hours?Hell no!Then to make things worse I was the token black man there add to that my foreigness.I know being the token black man is an inevitabilty esp in grad school (post material for another day) but as long as it is a mid-size to large class I don't mind.
Add to the fact that contrary to what most ladies say about men is that I multi-task and in fact thrive on it.If you want me to do one thing only and concentrate on you, you have 45 minutes to take your best shot after that all bets are off and you have to fight other contenders ranging from the back of my hand to the copy of New York Times that I carry to my lectures or the occasional power nap.Some of my best work is done when doing other things in the background and when I want to remember important things I simply think about other things.So the conference style seating was not going to work for me, a man has to be able to attend to his own devices without fearing a withering stare from the proffesor.
Add to this the fact that the proffessor said that it would be a discussion class, if it were a teaching class I would have agreed but discussion class with the compostion of this class?I think not!I mean the other three were 2 white women and one white man all full term Georgia residents.That level of homogeneity in the demographic does not provide for a wide vista of opinions at all.This opinion was vindicated when they started cackling at the break like they were at a PTA meeting or neighbourhood bbq.I would rather fade out inconspicously in a large class then stand out conspicously with no escape route.
Also the professor would not shut up!If you have read my blog you would think that I suffer from extreme verbophobia and would rather live in silence.That is not the case I have sat through long and tortuous lectures but this woman in my opinion was doing more talking then teaching, a few anecdotes are welcome but I dont much care about tales of the lives of your grandchildren and you relating them to this course in some obscure way; three anecedotes are more then enough.
Last but not least, never patronise the Acolyte.She tells us how we will have to be doing chapter and article reviews then turns to me with a smile and saccharine dripping from her voice "Acolyte, do you think that you can handle that?"Even if I am an international student, she knew that it was my second sem of grad school and if I could make the grade that should have said enough,secondly I doubt that her wide assed narrow minded ass would know that the standards that I was subjected to as an 8-4-4 product are far higher then those that students here are subjected to and lastly I don't take kindly to those nursery school tones.She was damn lucky The Instigator was out of town, If you are going to insult me you might as well scowl,frown or do it with a straight face because I will still dislike you anyhow.
On the plus side I got another class with the prof who gave me and A last time and the class is much larger then last time so I got to read my New York Times,take a short nap alongside taking my notes and for once just listen without being asked to make an opinion.
Back to life as normal in Aco land!


Keguro said...

4 students?

sounds like heaven

I want to teach that class,


Isn't discussion/seminar the norm for all grad classes? Or did they lie to me?

mutumia said...

he he gotta love those comments. My brother was responding to some comment when the prof. interjected "subliminal?! Aaah nice vocabulary you have there".

Kufa kumbafu (Ms. K, 2006).

Seriously though Aco - I thought you were kidding when you talked about your power naps! Damn! I want your life.

Mignon said...

"wide assed narrow minded ass.." lol...that's one heck of a description. i've never been a fan of small classes. seeing how big my colle is, a class of 30 always feels small and suffocating. i'm more into large lectures of 150+ students so i can be incospicous (a very failed attempt by the way)

Prousette said...

some class this is. Sounds ideak to me the smallest class I ever attended we were 10 and I hated it as I could not walk in late without the concerned parties making me notice I am late and then the lack of space for power naps (lol!!) you are kidding I hope!

akiey said...

This has got to be my late night laugh joint,LOL! Aco, you take the gold for this quotable statement...
a man has to be able to attend to his own devices without fearing a withering stare..." LOL!

Those kidish, feigned concern statements/questions often directed at immigrant students are the same biaaatches that come around and bite some people in the arse. Just because we speak different Englishes(yes, that's a correct term in Linguistics) doesn't mean I don't understand the task. When will people learn!?

A class of 4? Can't blame you for feeling uncooperative. Avrg grad class for me was 10 to 12 so discussions were worth it.
-Great semester ahead Acolyte & go get 'em!!

Acolyte said...

@ Keguro
With another teacher it coulda been heaven but there is no way i can work in such close proximity to someone I dont like.Well here it is indeed a mixture of the two but not solely discussion.Class size usually 10-20 students which I prefer.
@ Mutumia
I feel your brothers pain.Well if you can take the boredom and the brokeness we can swap places anyday!
@ cute angel
Now 150 is too many people.That feels like being in UON.
@ prou
power naps are saved for boring lectures but you would be surprised at how useful they are!
@ akiey
how i wish that more ppl thot before they spoke.Yes 10 students is the optimum class size for me too.Thanks for the good wishes!

Brother Jero (BJ) said...

Well 4 students can be a bore, need a slightly larger group. Well pick up another class or go out lobbying to get more people. Then again, thats what you want to do, so go ahead and do it and remember tuition back in the day when the class could be as small as 1.

Acolyte said...

@ Bro Jero
Well since the course was an elective I could do without it which I have decided to.

Farmgal said...

does that make the instigator shy?
just messing with you my dear.

Acolyte said...

@ farmgal
It was the Acolyte who went for that class....

Farmgal said...

is aco shy?