Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I know I'm supposed to be posting pics of part 2 of my weekend but seeing as we beat the Mancs in the FA cup this weekend I have to post some pics of Anfield!That's one place that I have to visit before the end of 2007!

The Kop!!!This is what I have on my desktop at work!

We do achieve your dreams!

The kop gets warmed up!

Giant kop flag!

Match programmes on sale!

The kop in full swing!

Gary Neville feels the love of the kop!

He may not always score but he does when we need it.The one and only Peter Crouch!

Two words can express the sentiments of that banner - Kula hiyo!!!!
Liverpool are getting back into the game in a big way!Let's see how today's match against Benfica goes!


Msanii_XL said...

Banner is a hoot..

how ya be man?

acolyte said...

@ msanii
Mambo sawa, just mingi masomo but we are surviving!

Guessaurus said...

Everyone I ask about Alan Smith breaking his foot laughs out loud - does the dude has sympathy from anyone in the whole world, I mean he broke and dislocated the ankle - but even I cant help laughing though.

What do you reckon is gonna win tonights game Arsenal or Real Madrid.. lol had to throw that in.
Good luck tonight :)

acolyte said...

@ Guess
Even though Alan Smith is a wanker who screwed Leeds over it's sad that he got that injury.As for tonight Real Madrid are in the driver's seat!They have been experiencing a rebirth will Arsenal has been spluttering this season.

guessaurus said...

I am serving humble pie if you are eating :) How about that for a RESULT? Go Henry :)

Whispering Inn said...

Arsenal 1 - Real Madrid 0
Guess dear, Eat Pie!

Now, about Aco's Liverpool, I used to be a huge fan during the reign of John Barnes.

Not anymore.

Now I dance to the tune of The Gunners!


Keguro said...

If you're going to post about sports, be a sport and show half-clothed soccer players

acolyte said...

@ Guess
Just wait till they come to Anfield!Olympiacos thot they had us down and we came back!
@ Whispering Inn
Traitor!!!!This is round one.What tune?The Gunners are misfiring big time this season, just wait till Real turn on the style leg 2!
@ Keguro
Taking off your shirt to celebrate scoring was banned so that ain't happening!

Milonare said...

LOL at response to Keguro LOL

Arsenal rocks...

Liverpool nungi...

Now its Chelsea's turn to kula waya!!!

guessaurus said...

@Whis - I am a gooner, so not eating any pies - just offering them to anyone who seemed to think we were sunk, again.

Go Gunners :D

Whispering Inn said...

@Guess - Oh, of course you're one of us! Go Gunners! Let's make Aco eat pie!
@The Aco - "I was once lost but now I am found, was blind...." I was a rebellious teenager when I liked Liverpool - now I am a rebellious man who has found his true Love - Arsenal! Gunners Rule! (Even when they're misfiring - hiccupping - kidogo.)
@Milo - Remember "kula waya wacha seng'enge?" LOL!

acolyte said...

@ Milo
Laugh will you still can but this trip in Europe ain't goin to last long for Arsenal.
@ Guess
Enjoy the lull in the storm....

acolyte said...

@ whispering inn
remember saul saw the light......

Whispering Inn said...

@Aco - There never was any Saul. It's an old wives myth!

We're prepared to make you an honorary Gooner if you'll go hunting with Dick Cheney (and make it back with your scalp unscathed.)