Friday, February 24, 2006

Now you know how we feel!

Shopping for a gift to give a woman on Valentines is a long,hard and thankless task.Unfortunately most of the time women do not have to shop for men as often but when some had to do so this is what they said.
ps:For you Chelsea fans this is for you!


Farmgal said...

am still n tears then you go rub it in!
2nd leg chel 5-barca 0

acolyte said...

@ farmgal
Dream on!Now that the game wouldn't be played on that cabbage patch aka know as Stanford bridge we'll see Barca at full strength!

Nakeel said...

Pole sana Farmgal..
Jose is just getting his medicine..

Milonare said...

Chelsea's pitch reminded me of our school farm just after we had dug it up to plant maize and beans for our daily staple of murram!!!

I'm booking a ticket for Japan come next vals... Do you have a link for another country where the women have an obligation to give ....... around vals day?

Send it to me privately as I wont want any compe LOLOLOLOLOL

nick said...

LOL at the new avatar....i have abuddy who married a jap chick and moved to we know we why

acolyte said...

@ nakeel
It was about time!
@ Milo
All those billions yet they cant maintain a pitch!As for Japan I'll see you there!
@ Nick
Seems some people are already in the mix!