Saturday, February 25, 2006

Can't stay!

At the moment I cracking my skull with a take home for my Administrative Law Class.So I am going to leave ya'll with some gems!
The three great lies that men tell are still, "I love you, what a stunning outfit and I don't mind". - Oyunga Pala
The three great lies that women tell are still, "I'm easily approachable, money isn't an issue and no,size doesn't matter". - The Acolyte
Family friendly porn!No it's not that!You sick bastards.....
ps:Nick isn't the only one to find a mind reader!Try this one.Back to the


Guessaurus said...

Good luck with the 'assignment' Aco.
LOL@ those lies - sometimes the lies are applicable to some people and not others

acolyte said...

@ Guess
Thanks!What you said about the lies is true and of course anything said by Oyunga Pala always has to be taken with a pinch of salt.....

Girl next door said...

I read Pala's articles regularly and he's funny! In defense of women, I have to comment on one of the 'lies' we tell: that size doesn't matter. It varies on what we're talking about, whether it's a house, a cellphone, a car, or other 'goods.' It depends on the package, and bigger is not always better. It can be downright intimidating! Good luck with your home work!

Milonare said...


Those things are mainly (99%) true!!!

Please expound further on the downright intimidating bit tusikie... LOLOL

Good luck Aco!!

Nakeel said...

All the best wit assignments..
Lool at your parts..

acolyte said...

@ girl next door
I am sure you know the size of what package I am talking about here!
@ Milo
I think I will post about that today!
@ Nakeel

Girl next door said...

@ Aco
Know what you're talking about. See the story below.

@ Milonare
More on how size can be intimidating:
Disclaimer! I won't get too graphic here as we all have active imaginations and can visualize in our minds. Names, locations, and specific details will be changed to protect the innocent.

A girl X is bored and decides to borrow a movie from a guy Y. He mistakenly (I think...) gives her a porn. X pops the video in the VCR, and sees the image of a healthy black man standing in his backyard wearing only a shirt. Kneeling in front of him is a female servicing him. Must have been a low-budget film. What's memorable is the size of the member: huge! X calls her friends to come and watch the movie (oh yeah, females love to look too) and validate whether it's really real. Fast forward a few years during which X has seen many different sizes and colors. One day, X finds herself in an intimate situation and sees this huge thing in her face (flashback to the movie...) and is thinking, damn! it's supposed to go where? (does not want to choke and wants to be walking around the next day)...what happens next is irrelevant. Point is size can be intimidating.

acolyte said...

@ girl next door
At last a reason to stop the kegel's for men!Seems 20 inches is more then enough!:D