Thursday, March 09, 2006

Damn strikers!

It's now official!Liverpool strikers can't score in a whorehouse even if they robbed a mint!They couldnt hit the side of a barn even if they were in it!When the transfer window opens there are some people who need to be sent packing as soon as possible!

He may have been a hero at Real Madrid and Monaco but this spaniard has yet to reach a double goal tally in the two seasons he has been at Anfield.This plank is a shadow ofthe goal poacher he used to be, we need goals and we need them now!If he can't deliver it's about time he was put out to pasture!

Djibril Cisse

Mad props to him for his speedy recovery from an potentially career ending injury
and for his love for the club.But his attitude sucks!He expects the ball to be
delivered to his foot with as little hassle as possible, his first touch also leaves alot to be desired!Add to this the fact that he sulks when he is played out of position, is substituted or doesn't play.No-one can play all the time...apart from Carra and Stevie G.Enquiries from France about him have been coming so it's about time we cashed in this white elephant Houllier saddled us with!
Dishonorable mention-Djimi Traore:This guy is a penalty,own goal or free kick
waiting to happen, he is way too inconsistent!The blueshites (Everton) wanted him once, we shoulda sold him!
The rest of the team didn't play with as much heart as they could have but at least most of them do deliver but we still need more from playes like Peter Crouch and Garcia.I guess we have 2nd place and the FA cup to play for now!
ps:Mocha, when does you plane get in?I need a hug!


guessaurus said...

I think you should speak to MentalAcrobatics and get his opinion - I am staying 'mum' and doing a double jiggy dance in my corner -join me non-red supporters! Better still, any Arse's in the house..

Kenyangal said...

@Guess, I love Thierry Henry!! so I guess I support aresenal!

@ Acolyte... ummm.. I love Thierry Henry!?! So is Arsenal playing for first place?

acolyte said...

@ Kenyangal
As to how you came to that comment!Arsenal are now in the final 8.They still have a mountain to climb!

Adrian said...

at least your guys are on course to be in the cl next year. despite the win against your boys, arsenal might just have to win the cl and defend their title liverpool-style.